Tuesday, July 16, 2024

This resource has been created to assist with aligning to balance via content designed to help you gain greater understanding of Mind Body Spirit. That includes those around you, as well as the environment in which you exist.

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Fork in Road

Do you have a busy mind? Can you stop thinking – for even just a minute? A lot people go through their lives in a constant state of internal dialogue, which is mostly fear based. Am I attractive enough? What if they don’t like me? This internal dialogue becomes a personal affirmation, which becomes manifest in your personal energy field (aura). It is through the aura we sub-subconsciously interact with others. Don’t like the way you interact? Change the way you think.

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A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Do you know what your body needs to thrive? Are you moving the way you want to. Does your body look and feel healthy? What environmental factors are at play that inhibit my progress? The next three sections on this page aims to give guidance on how to balance physicality, and maintain as you move forward in life.

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We are all made of stars. The universe is energy – both physical and non-physical. But non-physical energy still has mass. On our planet we have land, water and atmosphere. The atmosphere is the spirit of our planet, and the energy field that surrounds each and everyone of us is locked into a collective consciousness which exists in many dimensions.

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