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Bruce Way

The Spiritual Journey

Bruce Way writes about the spiritual journey, the value of psychic readings, the intuitive process, spiritual healing, Reiki, clairvoyants and psychics.

Using Intuition for change

Intuition Word Cloud
Consider that the catalyst for change is thought. It is in the intuitive realms where we create the products for growth, so try using intuition for change.

Valid psychic hints

Valid psychic hints
The Psychic Reading Handbook was devised to provide valid psychic hints so you'll be able to choose the right psychic for your next reading.

Intuition Ego and Soul

Ego Warning
Intuition is concerned with guiding us into a state of balance. When in balance, we make decisions and act as whole people.

Develop your intuition

Intuition Key
Bruce Way eases you into developing your intuition with this opening intuitive workshop. Allow fifteen minutes and bring a diary to record your brilliant intuitive flashes. A short meditation to begin with.

Discovering our intuition

Questioning Mind
Intuition is a wonderful part of us. We begin with an urge to do something that either doesn't make sense or we don't know what to do with it.

Maximise psychic advice

Psychic Reading
Often people seeking psychic advice are vulnerable because they believe they do not have the information to make meaningful decisions.