Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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G. Peter Madstone

Dreams Of The Magus

The Earth is our playing-field, writes Pete Madstone, but as wondrous and responsive as it is, we have forgotten how to play with life. We have forgotten the rules.

The better part of valour

I receive no satisfaction from the excessive hype of conspicuous consumerism, profit-margins or portfolios in Bull Markets, but please read on, asks Pete Madstone.

Has Anyone Seen The Light?

Sun Through Tree
It is a beautiful day, although I am feeling a bit out of sorts, fatigued maybe. A cool Spanish wind is blowing in from the south...

From Keter to Malkhut

David Bowie
Understand the journey you have taken and continue to take as you are born beautifully again and again. Another thought-provoking article by Pete Madstone.

Frequencies And Our Senses

Frequency Pattern
Pete Madstone asks, can we be limited by our Five Senses? What are we missing in the world of waveform and it's manifestations in the physical universe?

A Unified Perception

Arms Unified
In order to change your environment, look not outside yourself, for your environment is that reflection of what is within you. Go within, and change your perception.

What Is Blame Good For?

Discover the depths that house the blame in your life. Pete Madstone examines blame and the role it plays in people's lives. Have we all been spoiled children?

Perspective On Deception

Optical Deception
Can deception actually play a constructive role in our lives? Do all things exist to reveal truth, or should deception be denied?

A prepositional world

Pete Madstone encourages us to take a journey into the depths of our soul, our dreams, our imagination and our reality. We live in a prepositional world.

Responsible for your own thoughts

This might not be a comfortable proposition, but a necessity to experience the brilliance you are, and the brilliance making the universe what it is.

To edit, or not to edit

We all have to seek our bliss, our purpose and our balance in life, and in this, no one activity could ever prove itself to be better than another.

A visit with a Sirian

From what I have been told regarding the years of my infancy and earliest childhood, I was stubborn and resistant to everything around me.

A night in the temple of the moon

Temple of the Moon
Experiences becoming more common each day are also becoming more acceptable. This trip is unexpected, at least as far as my agendas and plans are concerned.

Aquarian age: The new way

The Precession of the Equinox takes approximately 26,000 years and The Piscean age of thinking is making way for the Aquarian age of knowing.

Finding truth outside the church

During the Inquisitions, the prevailing attitude of the church and its divinely-inspired agents of the lord was - Kill them all. God will know his own.