Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Jay Aay


The Mayan Factor

Mayan Calendar
The Mayan calendar's crucial message is that there is a deadline for the creation of the golden age at the end of time and/or the end of the world as we know it.

Choices create our future

Other than our own karma we take nothing with us at the moment of death. Choices create our future so begin to refine it now.

Returning to harmony

Every thought or action gives off a vibration or energy pattern. This interacts with the sum total of all other patterns and a type of harmony is born.

Cultural creatives

Jay Aay discusses how prevailing culture inevitably disintegrates for the new. We are poised for a cultural upheaval and Cultural Creatives are leading it.

Transcending the ego

Trancending Ego
Jay Aay suggests that enlightenment is merely the emergence of the truth when the obstructions to the realisation of that truth have been removed.

Discovering higher powers

Higher Powers
The psychic body which is responsible for spiritual growth exists only on earth; it is not available in realms of higher existence. Proceed with care.

Dismantle the ego

Ego Warning
Enlightenment is a term known the world over as being Zen, but there's a part within each of us that understands exactly what this term means.

Rebirthing the feminine

Empowered Female
Feminine Rebirth! Mission Impossible? Definitely not, according to Jay Aay, collaborating with Deidi Vine. Read on to understand the necessity of this.

Evolve or die

Evolution Fail
Shamans and scientists agree: Planet Earth is not happy and until we change our approach we will continue to be bombarded with catastrophes.