Sunday, March 29, 2020
Authors Posts by Lucy Hordern

Lucy Hordern


Chinese medicine for your Pericardium

Chinese Medicine
In order to maintain strong pericardium energy, increase activity during the summer months where you can take advantage of the longer daylight hours.

Chinese Medicine for the Lungs

Chinese Medicine
According to Lucy Hordern, every move you make is equal to every breath you take. It's time to treat your lungs to a fresh perspective. Breath in the air.

Chinese Medicine for the Spleen

Chinese Medicine
Modern Western culture has everything - technology, hygiene, comfort, but what price do we pay for our luxury lifestyles - our spleen?

TCM for your Gallbladder

Chinese Medicine
Do you experience difficulty making decisions? Chances are your gall bladder is not working in harmony with your other organs.

Chinese Medicine and your Liver

Chinese Medicine
The Chinese have focused on liver health for thousands of years. Lucy Hordern imparts some of that wisdom for us Westerners.