Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Melody Green


How do we become powerful?

DNA in Hand
The question came to me – What is power? Is power the ability to influence people, situations and actions to benefit oneself or one’s beliefs?

Do you live life small?

Negative Word Picture
Who said it is best to live life small? Melody R Green says we need to think of living our life to its fullest and richest capacity in every moment.

It’s time for change

Time For Change
It's time for a change. Melody R Green says it has been hard not to notice this slogan from the US Presidential campaign as we have been living with it for nearly two years!

How we choose happiness

Energy Flows
It seems as though many of us have missed out on the number one ingredient we consider important in creating a fulfilling life - happiness.

Balanced Life With Greed?

Grasping Money
The current economic crisis has led me to think about how we balance out wants needs desires as they relate to living in conscious harmony with the world.

Being true to ourselves

Liar Nose
The truth is complex. We must begin with ourselves, for everything out side of us is a reflection of what we believe and understand to be the truth.

We can learn from the GFC

Declining Chart
Unless finance is our field most of us are unaware of how money, the stock market and loans really work. Now the crisis is hitting. So what can we learn?

Living in the four planes

Future Note
It has been said that all paths ultimately lead to enlightenment. To walk any one path requires a philosophy and can be likened to a compass.

Personal his and her stories

Man Woman
Accepting the truth of time is crucial in the process to achieving balance. In this moment you are a completely different being from the 'you' of yesterday.

Choice: the human experience

Road of Choice
Every situation happening to us involves choice, but choice does not always lie with the event 'happening' to us but in how we actually react to the event.

Living in a world of duality

Every situation that occurs to us involves choice.That the choice does not always lie with the event happening to us but how we actually react to the event.

Why writers write, and readers read

Melody R Green sets the scene for her weekly blog on philosophy. This week's focus is firmly on the I. More importantly - the 'Who Am I'.