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Michael Breen

Michael Breen is an established life coach in Sydney, located on the north shore, and available for consultations on a limited basis. Michael is the publisher of Karmic Ecology and welcomes your feedback.

Sacred Geometry Overview

Flower of Life
Sacred geometry is a universal language which describes the inner workings of nature and the universe. This overview is a good place to start for beginners.

Pineal gland activation

Psychedelic Meditation
Pineal gland activation is crucial to awakening spiritually and becoming a more enlightened being. Here's a guide to opening your 3rd eye

Fibonacci Sequence for success in life

The Fibonacci sequence is a pattern of numbers that defines organic growth. Using these numbers may well set you on the path to success.

Calling All Writers

Author Writing on Computer
Broaden your reach and readership. Karmic Ecology is the perfect place for writers to interact with their readers, potential and existing.

Fractal Time 2012

Check out this interesting video on Fractal time and how it relates to 2012 - featuring Gregg Braden. Gregg breaks it down so anyone can understand. Enjoy!

Anatomy of the Aura

Anatomy of the aura details the seven layers and explains how each can be interpreted to give an overall diagnosis of the individual.

How to create a vision

Dream Cloud
Have you heard the saying - you have to name it before you can claim it? Learn how to create a vision of your own with focused positive intention.

How to play the game of life

External influences have distracted us from our true purpose of being. Belief systems become set in place conditioning us into accepting far less than we are capable of being.

Matter of energy

Magnetic Attaction
So, you're looking at your daily horoscope. Scanning the page for your star sign, no doubt trying to get a few tips about about how to face the day.

How to see auras

Been wondering if anyone can learn how to see auras? Anyone with vision can do it. Follow these easy steps and you'll be seeing auras in no time.