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Annette Ong


Coincidence and Intuition

Einstein Intuition
A look at the role coincidence plays in our lives. Annette Ong discusses the nature of coincidence and how we can learn to see them as great opportunities.

Many roads to happiness

Many Roads
There is no single way to achieve success; in fact, there is a multitude of ways. Annette Ong looks at releasing the pressure to conform and treading our own path to happiness.

All talk and no action

All talk
There are people who are exceedingly vocal about their talent and success; they engage in bragging, boasting and flaunting like its sport.

What are the benefits of tension?

Tension and stress are similar sensations yet subtly different. We may view both as negative, but what about the hidden benefits of tension?

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirror Mirror
A look at the mirror-like effect cast by our thoughts. Are there benefits of making the connection between what we think and what we ultimately experience?

The wisdom of words

Book Pages
Much of our communication with each other is through body language, but words are just as important, as through them we give form to our thoughts.

The Concept of Karma

Yin Yang
The ideas surrounding Karma are fraught with myths and misconceptions. Explore the concept of karma and its framework within our lives

Movie magic and the mind

Annette Ong compares film with the mental movies we are constantly directing in our mind and how belief plays a major part in the final cut.

Win the game of choice

Crystal Chess
A look at the influences surrounding the decisions we make. Explore game playing and how the use of instinct, skill and strategy affect our experience.

Time to shine

Annette Ong compares the quest for diamonds to discovering the precious gems in our own lives. When was the last time you went digging?

Paying attention to intention

Start Button
A close up of the importance our intentions play in our lives. Let's look at the awareness needed to create intentions that will lead to desired outcomes.

Desiring greener pastures

Grass Sky
Is the grass always greener on the other side? Look at how our mind can often trick us into seeing flawless perfection everywhere but in our own lives.

Rock of regret

We all travel through life making decisions; some we view as wise at the time, others we see as irresponsible. Some see this as a rock of regret

Reaching the pot of gold

Gold Rainbow
How do we adopt a positive way of thinking in order to reach our goals? We can claim our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, by cultivating positivity.

Hidden messages in dreams

Dream Interpretation
Our dreams are as personal and individual as our fingerprints. So it can be hard to know how to find hidden messages in dreams. But there is a way...

Thoughts to nourish your mind

Brain Xray
How do our thoughts nourish the mind? Annette Ong looks at the idea of a thought diet and the benefits of examining the quality of our thoughts.

A fork in the road

Fork in Road
Life doesn't always go to plan and it's in these moments we find ourselves standing at a crossroads. What are the advantages of treading a new path?

The power of change

Solutions: Next Exit
Change is the one constant in life. It is imperative to growth; like the metamorphosis from caterpillar into butterfly. Let's look at the power of change.

Beauty is all around

Tree in Hand
How often do our thoughts ensure we ignore the beauty around us? Annette Ong looks at the influence our thoughts have on what we appreciate.

The burden of labels

Most of us attach labels to others; who we think they are and what they are capable of. Are you guilty of attaching unnecessary labels to others?

Leaving your mark

Green Footprint
We are encouraged to adjust our habits to reduce our carbon footprint; to make a positive contribution to the world rather than deplete it.

Think before you judge

Annette Ong explores how our conversations with friends can lead us to judging others. Why do we feel the urge to judge one another?

Turning dreams into reality

Dreams Reality
Motivational tools are used to make manifest our dreams. However, there are people who feel disappointed when they unable to achieve anything.

Sifting through our thoughts

Thought Sifting
Why do we let others inform us what to think? After sifting through our thoughts we have we would see that a vast majority are recycled - and not our own.

Focus on the funny

Smiling Emoji
Our common reaction to challenges, whether big or small, seems to range from intense worry through to overwhelming anxiety and stress.

Tune out to tune In

How many of us are willing to place aside technology for one day and simply, be? Annette discovers the necessity of tuning out in order to tune in to life.

Repeating pattern of routine

Repeating Pattern
What happens when we are stuck living identical days, our lives consisting of nothing but routine? Annette Ong looks at how the sameness of every day may lead to uninspired living.

Strength in numbers?

Red Umbrella
Why do we view asking for help as a sign of weakness? Annette Ong looks at the limiting thoughts about seeking help from loved ones versus going it alone.

Slow and steady

Slimy Snail
Why the hurry? Rushing from A to B is a by-product of life in the twenty-first century. Why the sense of urgency, and is a help or a hindrance?

Walking the tightrope

Tightrope Walking
Balance is necessary for living to one's full potential, yet most of us struggle with it. So how can we realistically bring balance to our daily lives?

Seed today, tree tomorrow

Tiny Tree
Our dreams are like planted seeds - awaiting sunshine and water to reach its full potential. But what if we don't give our dreams a chance to take root?

Living an authentic life

Genuine Fake
Much attention is paid to the benefit of organics, but does it apply to our thoughts and actions - nature of obligation, authenticity and honesty?

The beauty of silence

Our lives are so cluttered with the irrepressible noise of modern life that we literally can't hear ourselves think. Be at peace in a fast-paced world.

Strength in surrender

Commonly, we view surrender as a form of quitting. However there is a richer quality present that can enhance our lives if we are open to it.

The rhythm of worry

Suset Worries
We know worrying does nothing to help us, so why can't we stop? Explore the rhythm of worrying and the unsettling motion it produces in our lives.

The ride of your life

Amusement Park
Our thoughts act as our personal informant on many levels, including physical and spiritual. Let's look at the rollercoaster of emotions they trigger.

Solid foundations for life

Human Roots
Most of us are so consumed with the demands of modern life that we often take our loved ones for granted, and can then fail in building strong relationships

The afterglow of success

Successful Glow
Goals keep us focused and motivated; they offer us purpose with the promise of success. But what happens when we reach our goals, where do we go from there?

A Birthday Toast

Birthday Toast
Look at how thoughts about our age influences our choices & ways we learn to appreciate our age and the enriching quality it brings to our lives.

Missed opportunities in life

Opportunity Sign
A look at the nature of chance and missed opportunity. Preparing ourselves for the best and leaving behind the baggage weighing us down.

Dancing through the day

Dance Like No One is Watching
Annette Ong uses dance to highlight the similarities between keeping balance while performing and maintaining while moving through every day.

Believe and you will see

Inspirational Stones
If I can visualise success then surely it must be possible? The method of visualisation is used as a motivating tool by many.

The sands of time

Sands of Time
Exploring the passage of time, Annette Ong looks at how preoccupation with the past and the future can prevent us from experiencing the joy of the present.

Everything in moderation

Moderating Thought
A thought piece on the role expectation plays in our lives. Annette Ong discusses the pros and cons of holding great expectations.

So the story goes

Everyone Has A Story
A look at the way our life stories unfold and the influence our thoughts play in shaping the content. So what makes for a balanced life story?

How to harness creativity

Coloured Pencils
A look at the influence creativity has on different aspects of our lives. Annette Ong explores the overall benefits of creative expression.

A penny for your thoughts

Penny For Your Thoughts
A look at habitual thought patterns and how influential they can be. Developing awareness of thought patterns, is the first step to changing them.

Flowering friendships

Flowering Friendship
Our lives are increasingly inundated with 3D stuff and our friendships pay the price. What we can do to nurture and ensure their quality and longevity?