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Spiritual Couture: As Obscure as Dental Couture?

spiritual couture
Step into a world where fashion meets spirituality, and style becomes a form of self-expression that goes beyond the surface. Welcome to the realm of spiritual couture, a rising trend that is as intriguing as it is enigmatic. In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating world of spiritual fashion and delve into its comparisons with another unconventional...

Craze Lines May Drive You Crazy When They’re On Your Teeth

If you are in search of physical perfection, craze lines may drive you crazy when they’re on your teeth. What are ‘craze lines’? These are vertical lines on the surface of your teeth. Apparently, they are more common in older people. They are, however, hairline cracks on the enamel of teeth and can appear in grey, brown, yellow, or...

Can Human Beings Ever Appreciate Non-Perfect Examples of Themselves

Our idea of personal beauty is significantly influenced by people in our lives. Their reflective appraisals sometimes affect the way we look at ourselves. More over our culture plays a big part in our self-concept of beauty.Our cultural conformity of acceptable beauty categorises people into attractive or unattractive based on physical attributes. The expectation of beauty alters our self-concept...

Asian Holistic Therapies for Body and Soul

Why are Asian holistic therapies for body and soul so much more effective upon chronic conditions than allopathic medicine? I think it is something to do with the fundamental orientation of the Eastern culture. The East is turned within; it contemplates its existence. The Western psyche is always looking out into the world. For hundreds of years, perhaps, even...

Promoting Your Holistic Business: Old Vs New Methods

You have a holistic business and you are interested in promoting your product or service to garner more attention and sales. What is the most effective means of achieving this in the twenty first century? Promoting your holistic business: Old vs new methods how do they stack up? Digital marketing has a potentially much larger reach than more traditional...

Paediatric Chiropractor Responds to “Medical & Media Bullying”

Australian chiropractors and medical paediatricians are at war over cracking new born babies’ backs. Healthcare professionals on both sides of the debate claim that they are right and that the other side is wrong. Chiropractor Dr Ian Rossborough performed a back cracking chiropractic procedure on a 4-day old baby, which was filmed and posted on Youtube. The 6-minute video...