What are Waveforms?

Consider one small rock thrown into a lake. Resulting from the impact, “waves” radiate out in expanding concentric circles on a flat plane, displaying the most basic characteristics of all waveforms. Now consider many rocks continually thrown into the same lake, moment after moment, continually throughout the day. The wave patterns become extremely complex, intersecting, overriding, and interrupting each other continuously. Of course all waves are affected by the medium in which they travel, so we can consider waves in water distant cousins to the waves we find in the electromagnetic spectrum.

As what we call light waves are produced by our sun incessantly, and without any end to speak of, the patterns of these waves of various frequencies become extremely complex, even before the small visible spectrum that we perceive with our eyes strikes any object. However, unlike water waves, these waves radiate out not in a flat plane, but in three dimensions. Also, while all waves might behave in essentially the same way, some waveforms will pass through matter, such as x-rays passing through the body’s soft tissues, only to be stopped by bone.

In regards to what we call visible light, it must be emphasised that light itself cannot be seen – it is only the relationship of light and object that we can perceive. When you view the sun itself, it is not even the sun you see glaring back at you. It is still only reflected light, waves concentrated closest to their source, in the Sun’s own atmosphere, which then passes through our own earth’s atmosphere full of its own particles called our sky. It is still only particles reflecting what is otherwise invisible light.

Great lumbering beasts of waves are born far out in the ocean as a result of vibration – wind blowing upon the surface of the water, vibrating (through friction in this case – we are talking again of physical waves as example) and energising the molecules of the water. If this vibration continues for any length of time, chaotic lumps of water begin to rise, seeming to bounce in every direction. As this disturbance continues, waves slowly merge together, dancing a dance, and seeking order out of chaos. As these growing, merging lumps of water travel further from their source, they continue to merge, finally creating long curved bands of energy, many hundreds of miles long, and sometimes travelling thousands of miles across the ocean before striking a solid object called the shoreline. Remember that these waves born in water serve only as example since they are restricted by physical law and the mediums through which they travel.

These great “waves” finally land upon a beach, and break apart in different ways at that point, depending upon the specific beach they strike – depending specifically upon the characteristics of that beach. A wave striking the Bodega Headlands in northern California will display certain characteristics, and as this same wave continues further south to Monterey, it will display completely different characteristics once it encounters the shoreline.

Waves interact with matter whether we witness it or not. Waves continue to do as they do, even if we don’t see those waves “break upon the beach”. If a tree falls in the woods, and nobody sees it, has it truly fallen? Of course it has. If we are unaware of waves striking or passing directly through our planet (such as Cosmic Rays), and also our own bodies, does it mean they don’t exist? Many things happen in our world that we have no perception of whatsoever.

There is much more in the EM Spectrum that we are not aware of than those things we are aware of. Only our senses of sight and hearing are shown on the diagram above, and these senses dominate our understanding of these waves – this light.

What is Light?

Light is everywhere, but it is not “light” we see when the sun comes up, illuminating the land we live upon with its waves of energy. What we see is the result of a particular series of wave frequencies striking a variety of objects of different substances and densities on the earth and in our atmosphere. These objects, depending upon their own qualities, absorb and reflect different aspects of these incoming “light” waves, reflecting certain colours that we are able to perceive through receptors in our heads called eyes.

If something appears as simply a green colour to us, it is because that object is absorbing all frequencies of that “visible light” wave except the specific frequency that displays itself as green. This green is the part of the light wave that is reflected from that object to our eyes. Of course there are many patterns created by continual waves striking any object – reflections, shadows, and interference patterns are continually changing right before our eyes. The variety of matter in its compositions and characteristics reflect many tones and shades of all that we can call green.

Heat and Touch

Our local sun produces other frequencies than just visible light; it also produces various ultraviolet and infrared frequencies. Infrared waves are perceived as heat as these rays heat up our atmosphere. Material objects also emit radiant heat as they are exposed to the light of the sun. This resultant radiant heat of these heat waves are felt by the skin, and easily measured by different devices of our time to confirm our suspicions of this invisible wave (e.g.; infrared cameras).

However, “heat” is no more heat than “light” is light. As soon as we leave the confines of our earth’s atmosphere, we encounter a cold of space that is unmatched by anything that we can even conceive of on the earth itself. Our nearspace temperatures, the temperatures within our solar system, are around minus 180° C/356 ° F. Our deepspace temperatures come in at minus 235° C/455° F. The great heat generated by the sun does not seem to exist where there is no matter, but the frequency that carries this “heat” does exist. It travels uninhibited through the frozen wastelands of “empty” space from the sun to our earth without any indication of heat itself.

The definition of our ineptly named sense called touch is normally considered to be something related to pressure upon the skin. It must be remembered that both heat and cold must be included here, and for our purposes, it is the non-physical, indirect contact, that we must consider. Our sense of touch can be stimulated providing a physical response without any form of physical contact. This will be developed in later postings.

Heat itself only manifests as its carrier wave breaks upon the shores of matter, as these frequencies stimulate particles. It behaves just as a lightwave because it is a lightwave; it is only a lower frequency. Many other frequencies (waveforms) travel outwards to all directions into space from our sun and other stars in continually more complex patterns, and we disregard them only because we lack any direct experience of their effects on this plane.

It must be increasingly evident by these simple scenarios that an almost infinite (i.e. unknown) variety of events are taking place each and every moment in the realm of waves. Important things are continually happening here, feeding our planet and its lifeforms essential substance for its own survival. So much is done through these waves that are sourced in our sun and beyond. Our bodies literally contain stardust, particles that are continually carried to this earth, becoming part of it, and yes, part of us. These are things that are either insignificant or irrelevant to us, only because our Cartesian, mechanistic view of life has conditioned our senses into becoming base filters of information. This in turn has encouraged a philosophy of only believing what we see. It is a very limiting place which we have put ourselves, closing the door to that which we need to recognise in order to connect to and understand the power that life itself holds for us.


We think we know what each frequency in the EM Spectrum is for – how it can be used, what its purpose is. We think the range of frequencies roughly between 500 and 900 MHz is for the broadcasting of UHF television stations (remember the times before cable and satellite TV?), and we think microwaves are what we cook with. Waves in (and still beyond) the EM Spectrum exist whether we have tools that use them, or tools that can detect them, and these waves have always existed. When we listen to the radio, we are not listening to actual “radio” waves, we are listening to a device (a receiver) that interprets information that has been “attached” to a wave by another device (a transmitter). We, as humans, have simply learned how to use what already existed. Remember, Columbus may have “discovered” America from the point of view of the Portuguese Templars and their Queen, but it existed long before he arrived on its shores, and waves had already been breaking on its beaches for thousands, if not millions, of years.

I will mention that it is now being understood that soundwaves are not actually being transferred from the ears to the brain via electrical impulses in the nerves, but by waves travelling along those nerve pathways to the brain. Thomas Heimburg, a Copenhagen University researcher whose expertise is in the intersection of biology and physics says, “… as physicists, this (electrical impulse) cannot be the explanation. The physical laws of thermodynamics tell us that electrical impulses must produce heat as they travel along the nerve, but experiments find that no such heat is produced.” It is the electrical impulse that creates the vibration needed to create a wave of information that is sent to the brain.

I would review the following as a framework before we continue:

  • All EM frequency (wave) is created by vibration.
  • Light, or wave itself, cannot be seen – it is only reflection, or relationship, between wave and object that we witness.
  • Any single wave, or frequency, can produce infinite results, depending on above relationship between wave and object.
  • Everything is always more that what it appears to be.
  • What doesn’t appear to be does exist.


Taste and Smell

As for taste and smell, these senses are commonly explained not with the language of waves, but of particles (molecules).

These senses, like touch, are generally considered, understood, and explained as functioning in a more physical way. Waves are disregarded for the simpler “particle explanation” only because we haven’t yet developed philosophies or machines that can “explain” their behavior to us, and so we use the manifestation of waveform and frequencies to explain the waveform itself. Again, we mistake the finger pointing at the moon for the moon itself. This is always convenient so we don’t have to explain something we don’t yet understand.

We are told that with taste and smell, specific molecules are brought into the body, and any given molecule will be accepted into a specific receptor site in a cell. This sets up a chain of events (I would call this a vibration) where information is given to the nervous system to be transferred to the brain electronically. We cannot stop with a second grade electro-chemical explanation for this, and must allow that learning and discovery is an evolutionary process. There is no justification to believing that our answers are always final.

We, as humans, have a way of laziness – we work hard until we receive some amount of information. We then make a conclusion based on this minimal “evidence”, and call it a day. Our answers become static answers, and dogmatic – they are only solutions for our childish curiosity, and were never truly honest answers. Today, many old questions are being challenged and age-old answers are being understood as incomplete and insufficient. Until we understand that all things are waves, we will continue to live in a dysfunctional way, basing all we think we know on currently provided disinformation.

I assert that everything we know of, and everything we experience is based upon the existence of waves, and waveforms still exist that most have not yet become aware of. I also present that all waveforms (frequencies) carry specific information or data with them, just as an FM radiowave carries your favorite song with it, and that thought itself is a waveform. If all frequency (or light) is information, then all information is also light.

I have taken some liberties in generalising terms such as “light” and “heat”, but do emphasise them as interchangeable with the terms wave or frequency, or to compliment them, depending on context. I only hope that by my use of these terms, I have opened them up a bit, expanding their definition, and allowing us to understand these concepts a little better. For the sake of simplicity and clarity, in future I will use the term energy when referring to any activity related to waveforms and the EM Spectrum.

The final points I will establish for consideration are as follows:

  • All particulate matter exists as a result of waves, and exhibit or display themselves to us only as specific frequencies and mediums determine – hence, all things are waves.
  • All we perceive and experience are waves carrying information. These waves are conveniently disguised by the words light, matter, taste, God, etc. Our world is defined by our most limited perceptions, our five senses, and we must begin our move into deeper worlds of understanding.
  • What we perceive is a very small part of a much larger reality, and much exists that we do not perceive.
    All waves stimulate a response whether we are aware of this response or not.
  • Waves exist as carriers of information, and we, as humans, are receivers. Once we can tap into these wavelengths with a new understanding, we can also be transmitters, using these waves much like we use telephones, and conscious knowledge of these waves and their sources will be established. A personal relationship can then be fostered with what we can call the source, or intelligence, of all that is.

While nothing I have presented here is revolutionary, it is necessary information that is being rapidly explored and developed by our ever expanding quantum community. If this information contains enough substance for the reader to accept as a working hypothesis, and s/he continues on into further study because of curiosity, let it be a serious curiosity, and I will be content that a wave of information set in motion has found a suitable receiver.

There are many ways to establish communion with waveforms, as many ways as there are individuals, but as our rich history has shown us, systems are set in place for foundational work, systems that allow individualisation by the practitioner. I will discuss some fundamentals of various methods and systems later. It is through these systems and methods that beauty and self-empowerment can be returned to you, as your final and rightful heritage.