Do you ever get the feeling that your pet knows what you’re thinking?

It can be the strangest thing when you’re really talking out loud to your pet and they get it. They seem to know what you’re saying and sometimes follow it through and it’s not a command from you, it’s just like you’re trying to reason with them and voila, they GET IT!

I’ve always been very in tune with animals. As I was growing up I had many different types of pets, dogs, cats, fish, mice, guinea pigs, a duck, 4 penny turtles, a bird etc. My poor mum had to contend with me always asking for more pets. At a very young age I could tell how my pets were feeling, if they were hungry, sad, didn’t like someone and why or just not in the mood for some kiddie attention. It wasn’t until I was older, much older that I realised not all people could understand how their pet was feeling/thinking. Most of us when we do get a pet are very connected to them and there is an exchange in understanding, body language but what I’m talking about is communicating with them on a different level – telepathy.

Being a youngster, telepathy meant nothing to me. I mean, yes I was good with animals but so are most animal handlers/vets etc but the difference that I came to realise was that I could hear my special friend’s thoughts, feel what they were feeling and this wasn’t the norm for all. This meant that I could translate between animals and myself. That realisation in itself created a whole new world for me.

The 1st time I became aware that I could really speak to all animals and not just my own was when I started relaying stories that my friend’s pets were telling me and I would tell their owners…. Let me tell you, I (jokingly or so they said) was accused of secretly following them around or that I saw them out but didn’t let them know I was in their vicinity, slowly but surely my friends couldn’t logically find an explanation for the information I was getting and relaying to them so finally they relented and bombarded me with questions.

To explain what it’s really like being able to talk to your own or other people’s pets is, just imagine that you are with 5yr old that doesn’t speak English say Chinese, you’re trying to tell them the rules of the house, what they can and can’t do and especially what you would love for them to do. The 5yr old doesn’t fully understand what you’re saying but they’re getting a rough idea and through trial and error you both work out a system that suits you. That’s what’s like for most owners and their pets, trial and error over a period of time. Now imagine that that 5yr old has found a way to communicate with you fully. None of this trying to work out what they’re saying, you fully are able to speak with one another. That’s what it’s like for me talking to animals.

Telepathy is a way of communicating without any verbal sound. There are different types of telepathy e.g.

Mental Telepathy – being able to exchange thoughts

Sight Telepathy – being able to see what the other is seeing, being able to exchange images of present/past like photographs.

Emphatic Telepathy – being able to feel what the other is feeling, this is how I body scan animals, I can feel, locate and express what they are feeling. I can’t diagnose but boy does it make a difference.

Everyone has the ability to communicate with animals or their pets, some people can do it easier than others but you just need to practise that’s all. Being able to speak with your pets changes the entire household. Anxiety about changes can be worked out, going on holidays can be diffused and additions to the family can be discussed before their arrival.

I really encourage all my clients to be open to a different way of communicating with their pets as it does open up a deeper bond between you.

Here’s an exercise that you can try with your pet – remember to practise this regularly and have fun with it.

How pets can read your mind – Exercise 1

Imagine (if you like, see this on a big screen in your mind) a cord going from the middle of your forehead to your pet’s forehead. When you feel connected to your pet send a message down this cord till it reaches your pet’s forehead, make it a simple message at 1st. Then when you think you have sent it wait for a reply. Your pet will send a message back through the cord till it reaches your forehead. So just like when you see 2 kids playing with 2 tin cans and string that are connected to each other. When one is speaking the other has it to their ear waiting for a reply then visa versa.

Good luck everyone enjoy.