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Browse the Karmic Ecology HUMAN BODY section for articles on how to balance karma of the human body. Stop procrastinating and read more about the human body now.

Vegetarian Meal

The truth about nutrition

Find out the truth about nutrition. From food standards through to labelling, organic foods, GMOs and a whole lot more...

Using Ayurveda to heal

Everyone has a unique genetic map that holds the secrets of life. The ancient Indian art of Ayurveda can help us navigate that sacred map.

Top 10 Face Foods

What we put IN our face is just as important - if not more - than what we put ON our face! Here are the top 10 foods for a beautiful, blemish-free face.

Natural Probiotics

Here is a list of 7 great natural probiotics you can incorporate into your daily diet to combat against Lactobacilli, Bifidobacteria and E Coli bacteria.
Strawberry Sugar

Cutting down sugar intake

There are so many different kinds of media feeding us bad facts about refined sugar, but what's the alternative? Delve into the world of sweet.

The cost of eating well

In this article by Lara Havlik we look at how to feed a family or yourself on good, wholesome food for a reasonable and affordable price.
Smiling Emoji

Focus on the funny

Our common reaction to challenges, whether big or small, seems to range from intense worry through to overwhelming anxiety and stress.
Forest Yoga

What is Kundalini yoga?

Kundalini refers to our level of consciousness and is often depicted as a snake lying dormant at the base of our spine. So what is Kundalini yoga?

Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium has many benefits, including relief of aches and pains. In Chinese medicine it's called the beautiful mineral and considered essential to the body

Is sunscreen bad for us?

In this post we look at the three dangers of most sunscreen lotions currently being scientifically explored. Is sunscreen bad for us?
Chinese Medicine

TCM for your Gallbladder

Do you experience difficulty making decisions? Chances are your gall bladder is not working in harmony with your other organs.
Toxic Burger

Bad science of bad foods

Confused about trans, saturated or unsaturated, long and short chain, poly, mono and all the different omegas? Here's the lowdown.
Strawberries Brunette

The cost of eating well 2

Changing the way you eat and learning a lot more about food will benefit us inside-out. We are now talking about the cost of your health.
Melted Chocolate

Healthy chocolate: Weighing it up

Lara Havlik professes the benefits and delights of raw chocolate. As well as looking in depth, and taste, at dark chocolate in general.

Infertility Treatments

Depending on age, infertility usually means not getting pregnant after six months. Either the man or woman has an issue requiring infertility treatments
Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine and your Liver

The Chinese have focused on liver health for thousands of years. Lucy Hordern imparts some of that wisdom for us Westerners.
Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine for your Pericardium

In order to maintain strong pericardium energy, increase activity during the summer months where you can take advantage of the longer daylight hours.
Food Choices

Food choices spin by us

Lara Havlik looks at both sides of the coin when it comes to choices you have to make about food. An analysis on how to decide where to put your dollars.
White Flour

Four white foods

Words such as pure, distilled, refined and clean now sell better than the infamous 'sex' word. Are these white foods killing us?
Super Foods

Super foods for better health

Some chocolate confectioners advertise an 'antioxidant' benefit to their product, but Super-foods are more complex than that.
Dance Like No One is Watching

Dancing through the day

Annette Ong uses dance to highlight the similarities between keeping balance while performing and maintaining while moving through every day.
Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine for the Spleen

Modern Western culture has everything - technology, hygiene, comfort, but what price do we pay for our luxury lifestyles - our spleen?

How to change your whole pantry

A guide to natural food flavours for changing your whole pantry, extending it out into the garden, and changing the way you live and eat.