Why are Asian holistic therapies for body and soul so much more effective upon chronic conditions than allopathic medicine? I think it is something to do with the fundamental orientation of the Eastern culture. The East is turned within; it contemplates its existence. The Western psyche is always looking out into the world. For hundreds of years, perhaps, even thousands, the flavour of the orient has been introverted. The true healer looks within to heal. Asian holistic therapies are based on this quiet observation of the self.

Asian Holistic Therapies for Body and Soul

Enlightened or, merely, wise human beings have then imagined energetic systems to explain their diagnostic observations. This is where we get the Traditional Chinese Medicine conception of meridians and yin and yang. Once a paradigm is developed it becomes a working reality in many ways. It will conform to expectations. Asian holistic therapies for body and soul, like acupuncture and herbal medicine have been born out of quiet observation and this universal conception of energy. Acupuncture actually works, it has been proven and the results of scientific studies into its efficacy have been published in the leading Western medical journals.

Asian lifestyle groups promote Asian holistic therapies for body and soul to their members and to the greater community. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been successfully treating illness and poor health in China for thousands of years. It has spread right around the world because it works, not because of any other factor. Western doctors, in the majority, do not want to consider any other types of treatments other than those they have been trained in. Healthcare in the West is run according to the principles of free enterprise within a capitalistic economy. Put more simply, it is about making money; and the established medical fraternity do not wish to share the pie with any other healthcare professionals.

They have been forced to in many Western nations, because their pharmaceuticals have been unable to cure many chronic illnesses and conditions. Asthma, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, many allergies, and a host of other twenty first century complaints have not responded to the drugs prescribed by allopathic doctors. Whereas, these conditions have been effectively treated and cured by some Asian holistic therapies for body and soul, like acupuncture and TCM. The market has demanded the presence of alternative types of medicine. This section of the market has grown substantially over the last three decades. It will continue to grow and TCM will continue to heal human beings into the future.