You have a holistic business and you are interested in promoting your product or service to garner more attention and sales. What is the most effective means of achieving this in the twenty first century? Promoting your holistic business: Old vs new methods how do they stack up? Digital marketing has a potentially much larger reach than more traditional types of marketing. Online marketing is considerably cheaper than the old fashioned print advertising and distribution of promotional products. The question has always been about whether digital can make the impact that bricks and mortar does for small business?

Promoting Your Holistic Business: Old Vs New Methods

In many ways, online marketing through websites and social media is all about pure information being communicated. Sure, you can communicate a special offer or discount via the digital sphere, but you cannot send an actual product that can be tasted, touched or smelt by the receiver. You can now send out books and magazines, which can be read online on a device and/or listened to. This state of affairs reflects where the world currently finds itself in transition from the real to the virtual. It is all about how and what we value, in terms of the psychological underpinnings of marketing.

Quirky promotional products like printed coffee mugs, pens and mouse pads have a greater impact upon the receiver if that product is valued by them. Basically, if they like the coffee mug they will use it for its preeminent functionality – as a vessel to drink a warm drink from. Linking this to your holistic business, the mug would want to be aesthetically aligned in terms of colour and design. Likewise, with whatever the promotional product was, whether it be a pen, item of clothing etc.

Social media promotion is more about communicating information and reminding potential clients of your existence. Promoting the virtual flavour of your holistic business through image and text. Social media has in a lot of ways replaced the traditional media channels. People no longer read newspapers in print in the numbers that they used to. TV and radio audiences have also been trimmed by those people sourcing their information and entertainment from social media. Social media provides instantaneous news and a forum in which to discuss the events happening.

The old marketing methods are dying off, so, you want to put more eggs in the digital basket. However, keep a few for some sectors of your potential market, perhaps, your older demographics, and valued existing clients, might be rewarded via gifts sent out with your printed logo on them. A combination of the new and old may enrich your holistic business in the long run.