I have found that while most new endeavours are individual for each person, they tend to have a common thread… the resolve to avoid pain and to enhance the good.

So whether this forms itself into desires for weight loss, time management, meaningful relationships, security, or to stop smoking, to increase exercise; the fundamentals that support these ideas are very concrete.

There needs to be consistency.

Few people realise that while a goal may be planned for a lifetime, its beauty and strength is enhanced by its continual support, its continual introspection and momentum.  When it needs to change or when a particular focus is seemingly diverted, that supposed tangent needs to be embraced.

How often have you been put into what you thought was an unbearable circumstance only to come out of it with a new sense of self and a new appreciation of what was?

We have this perception about down time, about self care that it denotes weakness, instability and presents confusion.

In actual fact, the only confusion derives from not accepting the situation.  I’m talking about realising that if you are passionate about what you want in ANY part of your life and have a clear, directive means for it, that is purely and simply and most importantly O.K.

It’s O.K. for our complex human mind to take what we perceive as a bank and on our journey boat to where we want to go, pause on an embankment once in a while and look around.

This time of reflection is meant to renew and restore and resolve; to strengthen its purpose and perhaps even clarify it further. It is a necessary part of growth.

What do most people do?

1) They panic because it seems that even though they want this particular goal accomplished, it appears to have stopped working.

2) They begin to self doubt and then absorb other individual’s beliefs, values and ideas that do not have the same goal or intuition.

3) They admit defeat and relinquish their chosen goal.

Imagine if you will, all that you have given to your goals; the time, the thought, the planning and the sheer excitement; the energy to all the goals during your lifetime.

All the goals that you allowed to slip away.

That at a given time perhaps a long, long time ago you were invigorated and passionate and excited about.

The goals or resolves that you had perfectly thought out, that you had individually created and designed; the goals that you were clear about.

In you boat journey down the many embankments, why did you stop but then not board the boat again?

Why did you not allow yourself that time of reflection when you were asked to just check and clarify further?

Why did you not allow yourself to stop for a little while?

Why did you feel hopeless if you just had an inkling that the goal may have changed, needed to change?

Not paying personal attention to these thoughts and feelings, and investing the amount of energy that it may take to force the journey on what you perceived was the right path is a hopeless choice. You begin to feel tired, unfulfilled, angry and resentful.

Yes you had a plan and you were determined that there was only one way it was going to go.

Perhaps never once contemplating and trusting that there was always a synergy in your travelling direction, that the rudder of your journey boat had angled itself in a slightly different way… in order… to allow… you to experience.

This resistance in whichever way it is manifested can make us “sick”.

It clouds our mind, it distorts reality, it engages in jealous thoughts. This then transfers to affect our performance and our emotional states.

The fantastic thing about this cyclic transition in life, is that it never deserts but rather enhances, especially if we in tune and aware of what is happening.

I’m not saying to celebrate loss or pain.  What I am saying is to acknowledge it.  The strength that one gains from this experience accelerates personal growth and resolve.

You know this; the news that classes so many miracles, the people that are reputed to be outstanding geniuses, those that are documented as achievers in the Guiness Book of Records.

And you know what?

I’ll share a wonderful secret with you.

Just as you imagined previously all your past goals, dreams and desires, and just as you thought they were gone and so far gone in the past…. They are still there… That excitement, that passion that was connected to all your endeavours… They are still on those embankments waiting…

• Operate in a state of excellence. Ride the journey wave to achieve healthy physiology and psychology.
• Have some behavioural flexibility.
• Make changes in your state and behaviour from moment to moment.
• Change your attitude and how you think.
• Be specific.

Remember you cannot actualise what you do no believe to be true.