The mystics of all ages suggest that all life is energy. Science tries to quantify, measure and record it. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes not, yet the truth remains that all life is creative energy.

Consider that the catalyst for change is thought and when applied, energy manifests visible creations as the effects of many causal relationships that are in the process of being created. If we think in linear time, this phenomenon can sound like the old chicken and egg scenario. On the other hand, when we think in spatial time, which is infinitely multi-dimensional, then we move away from the karmic or linear view of cause and effect and into the world of intuitive thought.

The intuitive realms are different because they have no notion of linear consequences and I suggest that it is in the intuitive realms where our thoughts create the products necessary for soul growth and it is in the karmic worlds where we produce the fruits of duality so loved by the ego.

To the pragmatist, the intuitive approach can be confronting at first because it operates outside of the linear parameters that provide the illusion of security. I guarantee, however, that once you have accessed your intuitive self and used this power to create new plans and correct existing problems, the intuitive realms will be as real to you as a walk in the park. In order to keep pace with life today, we must learn different technologies from the intuitive universes and be able to cater for change quicker than we have before. We must be capable of identifying where our lives and businesses stand in the cycle of things and we need to generate ideas faster and know how to implement them with great expediency and less cost.

Living intuitively positions us perfectly in today’s world. It is exciting, stimulating and rewarding. Your intuitive expression is unique to you, it is there within you right now and is waiting for you to extend your hand to it, love it and use it.

‘Well that is just fine.’ I hear you say. ‘But just how do we become intuitive.’ Hmmm. I am reminded by something that Deepak Chopra said at a seminar that I attended. He was speaking about health. He said words to the effect that the only difference between a sick person and a well person was that the sick person had forgotten the memory that they were whole.

Living intuitively is something like that. We are all, by definition, intuitive. It is just that some of us have forgotten the memory of what is feels like to function intuitively.

‘Well that is just fine but you still haven’t told me how to become intuitive.’ Hmmm again. It is like this, all you need to do is get out of the way and let your intuition speak to you. Yeah, yeah, I know that you are about to strangle me so here are a few tips for your mind to ponder while your heart speaks.

Firstly, understand who you are. How your ego operates. How fear of being wrong gets in the way of following your intuition.

Secondly, become enthusiastic about being intuitive. Imagine the benefits of making more important decisions instantly, having the ability to create fresh innovative ideas, plans and strategies effortlessly all from your intuition. Imagine being able to find the answers within you to resolve problems. Imagine the benefits of recognising intuitively the most opportune tines for ideas, planning, implementation and reassessment and imagine …and imagine … and imagine … and imagine … and …