The psychic body which is responsible for spiritual growth exists only on earth. Human birth is a great opportunity for progress; after death grouping takes place according to development level and there is no access to higher input. Today we are alive and can locate help. Higher powers offer us supportive and elevated input in life’s journey.

We may pose the question, what is a ‘higher power’, but the answer expands according to the level of understanding and what particular language we are currently speaking. We each have our own view of what is helpful for us in time of need.

Insight, strength and wisdom come from any power we access that is more advanced than ourselves and we will be calmed and refreshed.

The following list is not exhaustive.

Friend: with depth of character and understanding, supporting and aiming to help us bring out the best in ourselves. This person accepts us as we are and has time (even 24/7) to discuss ideas that come up in spiritual life, in times of uncertainty and doubt and even in temporary instability. They will tell no tales about us.

Mentor: trusted, life-experienced person who has walked the road we want to walk and is prepared to act as inspiration, advisor and guide and liberally offers wisdom of all areas of life. They desire to develop competence and character in us.

Support Group: of like-minded people endeavoring to improve their individual lives and telling what works for them; the collective strength is available for everyone. Alcoholics Anonymous is well known as the originator of the Twelve Step spiritual program. Consenting to submit oneself to the group and its program allows tremendous power to become available. Through giving up lesser positionalities and hindering beliefs many have experienced the miraculous in their life.

Inner guru: or higher Self. This is essentially our own divine nature. Learning to trust the offered-up ‘hunches’, a powerful life can be lived. Following the impulse which came so convincingly it is natural to take responsibility for the consequences of our decisions and actions. This stance abolishes much suffering as displacing responsibility results in hatred and resentment. Continuing to act on the inner voice, insights of greater importance will be presented. This also signifies that sensitivity to Cosmic Energy is increasing.

Guru or Teacher: at a certain stage of spiritual life an authority is needed, not to cater to dependency, but to learn what isn’t known but is desired to be learnt. Many ancient teachings are correct and valid but are the ‘bare bones’ and insufficient, which leads to misinterpretation. A guru gives explanation. Spiritual information comes with the high-frequency energy the teacher resides in and is capable of catalyzing spiritual progression. Access to this person can be face to face or through their teachings in print form. A true teacher does not impose their will on others but makes their understandings available to all.

Bodhisattvas: sometimes in a body with a life, sometimes not. These souls’ karma has expired but they put off final bliss, reincarnating to assist the progress of humanity. Google the invocation.

Angels: pure spiritual beings who are processors of consciousness: servants doing duties of the Divine. Spiritual evolution automatically evokes their assistance. Having one’s own guardian angel to request assistance from is an ancient belief.

Holy Spirit: Jesus promised this divine power. Prayer and spiritual commitment give assent to the Holy Spirit to be present. As the ego is abandoned space is created – even the minutest opening between two thoughts – in flows grace as represented by the Holy Spirit. At that point choices change, free will operates and we elect our fate as Divinity’s qualities for salvation and freedom are offered.

God: also known as Cosmic Consciousness, Source Energy, the Universe. People all over the world have a feeling there is a power greater than themselves. Go ahead and pray. Start simply with a genuine, HELP! Unless invited, Source will not come. Prayer cultivates finer feelings. It acknowledges those who have paved the way and are willing to share their hard-won experiences with us. Mantras attune us to masters gone before us and used that particular one for their advancement.

Historically, sacred scriptures have warned us to avoid supernatural and astral realms as the energy there is unknown. Just because something is non-physical and mystical does not mean it is spiritual. Refuse to be impressed by the bizarre. It appears that no real benefit can come from dabbling there; these are delays and traps for the unwary. Research into the phenomenon discovered that these planes are inhabited by entities that have refused and hate God.

Through whatever door we may enter, access to higher realms is part of our spiritual destiny on earth.