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Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Factor

The Mayan calendar's crucial message is that there is a deadline for the creation of the golden age at the end of time and/or the end of the world as we know it.
DNA in Hand

How do we become powerful?

The question came to me – What is power? Is power the ability to influence people, situations and actions to benefit oneself or one’s beliefs?
Maintaining Balance

The importance of balance

the importance of Balance and the confidence in maintaining one's balance is a delicate yet not impossible task. Without balance we suffer and so do others.
Yin Yang

The Concept of Karma

The ideas surrounding Karma are fraught with myths and misconceptions. Explore the concept of karma and its framework within our lives
Crystal Chess

Win the game of choice

A look at the influences surrounding the decisions we make. Explore game playing and how the use of instinct, skill and strategy affect our experience.

2012 Is The End?

Hollywood has long been fascinated by the demise of the Earth and science fiction quickly adds its perspective also. People are asking if 2012 is the end.

A personal timetable

When Dian Brown was teaching time management skills to secondary students, she would have them draw a weekly time-table.
Inner Landscapes

Inner landscapes & the four players

Benig Mauger examines the four main players in the inner drama driving our lives: The Child, the Victim, the Prostitute and the Saboteur.

That childlike fragment

Gain deeper understanding into our behaviours and actions as we become more introspective - who we are and how it forms who we've become today.
Dr Martin Luther King

The demise of reason

To every action, there is a reaction. This fundamental law of physics is explored by Dian Brown in relation to reason and common sense.
Hypnosis Word Cloud

Secrets of hypnosis

Find out the history of thoughts still around today about the hypnotic world and its value in society. Claudine Maturana exposes the secrets of Hypnosis.
Green Footprint

Leaving your mark

We are encouraged to adjust our habits to reduce our carbon footprint; to make a positive contribution to the world rather than deplete it.
Sunset Stones

Karmic path to balance

Change your path or re-define your habits. Confronting that which challenges us leads us to finding our Karmic path to balance.
Sun Through Tree

Has Anyone Seen The Light?

It is a beautiful day, although I am feeling a bit out of sorts, fatigued maybe. A cool Spanish wind is blowing in from the south...
Book Pages

The wisdom of words

Much of our communication with each other is through body language, but words are just as important, as through them we give form to our thoughts.
Sad Reflection

Regret and choice

The toughest critic you will ever face is yourself, so remember considering the consequences of your decisions before you make them.
Christmas Wrapping

Coping with Christmas

Do you remember what Christmas is really about and how you were only filled with wonder? Here are some sage words for getting through this Festive Season.
Opportunity Sign

Missed opportunities in life

A look at the nature of chance and missed opportunity. Preparing ourselves for the best and leaving behind the baggage weighing us down.

The better part of valour

I receive no satisfaction from the excessive hype of conspicuous consumerism, profit-margins or portfolios in Bull Markets, but please read on, asks Pete Madstone.
Too Busy

I’m too busy to have a life – pt 6

Go for a walk and listen to what's around you, look at the colours of the birds flying past and really look at the types of flowers and trees there are.

Seeking balance

Balance is a complicated and conflicting concept, yet it is something we all seek. Lara Havlik encourages us to seek our path and forge our way forward.
Grass Sky

Desiring greener pastures

Is the grass always greener on the other side? Look at how our mind can often trick us into seeing flawless perfection everywhere but in our own lives.
Road of Choice

Choice: the human experience

Every situation happening to us involves choice, but choice does not always lie with the event 'happening' to us but in how we actually react to the event.
Fulfilment Key

Realising what we have

Why do we let our relationships fall apart? How do we lose love and dwell on negatives? Re-evaluating the importance of our lives will show us what is real.
Grasping Money

Balanced Life With Greed?

The current economic crisis has led me to think about how we balance out wants needs desires as they relate to living in conscious harmony with the world.
Angel Demon

Forgiveness, ego and soul

What does our soul need to do in its lifetime, and what part does our ego play? Which way do we turn when forgiveness becomes a lesson?
Liar Nose

Being true to ourselves

The truth is complex. We must begin with ourselves, for everything out side of us is a reflection of what we believe and understand to be the truth.
Penny For Your Thoughts

A penny for your thoughts

A look at habitual thought patterns and how influential they can be. Developing awareness of thought patterns, is the first step to changing them.

Cultural creatives

Jay Aay discusses how prevailing culture inevitably disintegrates for the new. We are poised for a cultural upheaval and Cultural Creatives are leading it.

Anthony Solerno Interview

Teresa Ralton writes that the focus on the acceptance and balancing of opposites underpins the teaching of Anthony Solerno.
Flowering Friendship

Flowering friendships

Our lives are increasingly inundated with 3D stuff and our friendships pay the price. What we can do to nurture and ensure their quality and longevity?
Everyone Has A Story

So the story goes

A look at the way our life stories unfold and the influence our thoughts play in shaping the content. So what makes for a balanced life story?
Start Button

Paying attention to intention

A close up of the importance our intentions play in our lives. Let's look at the awareness needed to create intentions that will lead to desired outcomes.
Man Woman

Personal his and her stories

Accepting the truth of time is crucial in the process to achieving balance. In this moment you are a completely different being from the 'you' of yesterday.

How to play the game of life

External influences have distracted us from our true purpose of being. Belief systems become set in place conditioning us into accepting far less than we are capable of being.
Great Idea

What men need to know

Dian Brown now shares one woman's tale of such grand enlightenment with you so that you also may live in truth. This is for you men...
Brain Xray

Thoughts to nourish your mind

How do our thoughts nourish the mind? Annette Ong looks at the idea of a thought diet and the benefits of examining the quality of our thoughts.
Yellow Ball Smiling

The real difference

Claudine Maturana explains the importance of the difference in our actions and its consistency that we need to create. That's the difference...
Arms Unified

A Unified Perception

In order to change your environment, look not outside yourself, for your environment is that reflection of what is within you. Go within, and change your perception.

The masks we wear

We should take off our masks and stop playing roles that we not only feel uncomfortable with, but are a lie - to reveal our true identities.

A prepositional world

Pete Madstone encourages us to take a journey into the depths of our soul, our dreams, our imagination and our reality. We live in a prepositional world.
Truth Lie

Lies: variations of truth

Do we really need to know everything those we have relationships with think, experience or feel? Is it true that what we do not know will not hurt us?
Woman Crying

Living with judgement

You determine, based upon your personal beliefs and values, what is good, bad, wanted, ridiculous, feared and worthless etc. Take care when you judge something.
Dreams Reality

Turning dreams into reality

Motivational tools are used to make manifest our dreams. However, there are people who feel disappointed when they unable to achieve anything.
Mirror Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall

A look at the mirror-like effect cast by our thoughts. Are there benefits of making the connection between what we think and what we ultimately experience?
Practice Mindfulness

Our conscious and unconscious

What makes us tick? Explore the fascinating distinction of the Conscious and Unconscious Mind. Dive into mind mechanics; our awareness and unawareness
Ego Warning

The ego abuses power

Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power - expression of power while considering what the lesson behind holding power is.
Gold Rainbow

Reaching the pot of gold

How do we adopt a positive way of thinking in order to reach our goals? We can claim our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, by cultivating positivity.
Negative Word Picture

Do you live life small?

Who said it is best to live life small? Melody R Green says we need to think of living our life to its fullest and richest capacity in every moment.

A guided tour of emotion

Re-activate the inbuilt radar by trusting it and accepting the information it relays. Understand the intuitive response of what we feel, and what we do.

Why writers write, and readers read

Melody R Green sets the scene for her weekly blog on philosophy. This week's focus is firmly on the I. More importantly - the 'Who Am I'.
Male Figures Meditating

Balance the inner and outer you

We realised we were more than the things we did and the roles we had. We understood that, no matter what we do, life will go by.
John Demartini

Interview with John Demartini

Dr John Demartini recently spoke about fulfillment, and whether it can be restored to our lives if we would only remember to ask the right questions

Tune out to tune In

How many of us are willing to place aside technology for one day and simply, be? Annette discovers the necessity of tuning out in order to tune in to life.
Inner Landscapes

Landscapes of love

There are always inner forces at work in our relationships, and it is our inner (psychological) landscapes that determine in many cases how we relate and with whom.
Repeating Pattern

Repeating pattern of routine

What happens when we are stuck living identical days, our lives consisting of nothing but routine? Annette Ong looks at how the sameness of every day may lead to uninspired living.

Dreams Of The Magus

The Earth is our playing-field, writes Pete Madstone, but as wondrous and responsive as it is, we have forgotten how to play with life. We have forgotten the rules.
Positive Negative Words

The power of negatives

Introducing the importance of both positive and negative thoughts and the direct relationship of how our thoughts determine our life outcomes.
Mouths Kissing

Is there someone for everyone?

Join two members of Generation X as they look for love in a modern world. Dian Brown creates a place where love struggles to conquer all.
Start Button

Time starts now

You have a divine right to be happy, and if something isn't working in your life you are allowed to change it. So go ahead, change the way you see yourself.
Trancending Ego

Transcending the ego

Jay Aay suggests that enlightenment is merely the emergence of the truth when the obstructions to the realisation of that truth have been removed.

Think before you judge

Annette Ong explores how our conversations with friends can lead us to judging others. Why do we feel the urge to judge one another?
Sydney Fireworks

Transcending resolutions

Try a different approach. Stop the resolutions that dwindle to a pin-point by the end of the year. Here's a fresher perspective on the New Year.
Stage Hypnotist

Stage Hypnosis – real or imaginary?

Ever wondered what is really going on when you witness a show? Here's some of the behind the scene techniques used in Stage Hypnosis.

Responsible for your own thoughts

This might not be a comfortable proposition, but a necessity to experience the brilliance you are, and the brilliance making the universe what it is.
Karma Heart

Is your life just karmic?

We empower ourselves and our lives once we understand where the control of it is, says Dian Brown. She considers the role fate and karma play in our lives.
More Key

Is there more to life?

What is it we want from ourselves? Is what we do all there is to life? Dian Brown questions this feeling that creates our need to search for meaning.
Author Writing on Computer

Calling All Writers

Broaden your reach and readership. Karmic Ecology is the perfect place for writers to interact with their readers, potential and existing.
Coloured Pencils

How to harness creativity

A look at the influence creativity has on different aspects of our lives. Annette Ong explores the overall benefits of creative expression.
All talk

All talk and no action

There are people who are exceedingly vocal about their talent and success; they engage in bragging, boasting and flaunting like its sport.

What Is Blame Good For?

Discover the depths that house the blame in your life. Pete Madstone examines blame and the role it plays in people's lives. Have we all been spoiled children?
Sands of Time

The sands of time

Exploring the passage of time, Annette Ong looks at how preoccupation with the past and the future can prevent us from experiencing the joy of the present.
Rainbow Path

Define your own path

As you define you own path in life, you are defining yourself. Lara Havlik invites us to look at where our beliefs are leading us - in whatever direction.
Moderating Thought

Everything in moderation

A thought piece on the role expectation plays in our lives. Annette Ong discusses the pros and cons of holding great expectations.
Successful Glow

The afterglow of success

Goals keep us focused and motivated; they offer us purpose with the promise of success. But what happens when we reach our goals, where do we go from there?

Strength in surrender

Commonly, we view surrender as a form of quitting. However there is a richer quality present that can enhance our lives if we are open to it.
Future Note

Living in the four planes

It has been said that all paths ultimately lead to enlightenment. To walk any one path requires a philosophy and can be likened to a compass.
Inner Landscapes

The Inner Marriage

Benig Mauger writes how the Inner Marriage represents the ultimate in inner balance, with three fundamental truths of the human relationship.

Get excited about failing

Find out how to fail successfully and still have a genuine smile. Claudine Maturana shows why failure is something to be celebrated.
Stop the Clock

Stopping the clock

How does life become so consuming that we lose our identity and determine that our personal needs just don't matter? Dian Brown asks the question.
Slimy Snail

Slow and steady

Why the hurry? Rushing from A to B is a by-product of life in the twenty-first century. Why the sense of urgency, and is a help or a hindrance?

Living in a world of duality

Every situation that occurs to us involves choice.That the choice does not always lie with the event happening to us but how we actually react to the event.
The Thinker

The power of introspection

It's not always full steam ahead. Being silent and still are often the misplaced vital ingredients, or the key parts, of success.

Movie magic and the mind

Annette Ong compares film with the mental movies we are constantly directing in our mind and how belief plays a major part in the final cut.

Keeping your life simple

Personal responsibility is painful to accept, yet by doing so it plays a pivotal part in alleviating the pain. Keeping your life simple makes it easier.
Suset Worries

The rhythm of worry

We know worrying does nothing to help us, so why can't we stop? Explore the rhythm of worrying and the unsettling motion it produces in our lives.

Can perfection ruin life?

Within us all is a dream of a being and a love that is everything we desire. Is fair to compare anyone to this sense of perfection we hold?
Solutions: Next Exit

The power of change

Change is the one constant in life. It is imperative to growth; like the metamorphosis from caterpillar into butterfly. Let's look at the power of change.

Time to shine

Annette Ong compares the quest for diamonds to discovering the precious gems in our own lives. When was the last time you went digging?
Human Roots

Solid foundations for life

Most of us are so consumed with the demands of modern life that we often take our loved ones for granted, and can then fail in building strong relationships
Too Busy

I’m too busy to have a life – pt 5

Dian Brown suggests that we work at being flexible throughout the day, being aware of your commitments, and ensure we make time for ourselves.
Tree in Hand

Beauty is all around

How often do our thoughts ensure we ignore the beauty around us? Annette Ong looks at the influence our thoughts have on what we appreciate.
David Bowie

From Keter to Malkhut

Understand the journey you have taken and continue to take as you are born beautifully again and again. Another thought-provoking article by Pete Madstone.
Birthday Toast

A Birthday Toast

Look at how thoughts about our age influences our choices & ways we learn to appreciate our age and the enriching quality it brings to our lives.
Face What You Fear

Start believing in you

Our sense of self is a fragile thing. The one constant message we give ourselves is that we are not good enough. The power to change this lies with us.
Now Sign

Awakening to the present

Dian Brown explores this process of being present and living only today. Do not dwell on the past; do not dream of the future, concentrate on the now.

To edit, or not to edit

We all have to seek our bliss, our purpose and our balance in life, and in this, no one activity could ever prove itself to be better than another.
Hypnotic Suggestion

A hypnosis session

A Hypnosis session generally is a one hour session and commences usually ascertaining how much the client 'knows' about Hypnosis.
Energy Flows

How we choose happiness

It seems as though many of us have missed out on the number one ingredient we consider important in creating a fulfilling life - happiness.
Optical Deception

Perspective On Deception

Can deception actually play a constructive role in our lives? Do all things exist to reveal truth, or should deception be denied?