It sounds a lofty aspiration but in reality it is based very much on our primary need for survival. We are beginning to really understand how inter-dependent we and the world we live in truly is.

As more of us come to this awareness, then the interdependency will be substantially more intricate and evolved, for that is the nature of thought.

You think so the world around you responds and creates your understanding.

So the questions must surely be – What are you believing? What do you think you are seeing? And does the collective consciousness (and unconsciousness) differ from your own thinking patterns?

It is when we talk of resources that the chaff separates from the wheat.

Is your cup half empty or half full?

If we see our cup as being half empty we see the world in lack. We see what has gone and we expect the rest to follow.

If our cup is half full, we know there will be more when we need it. There is an expectancy of renewal in everything we do and the universe provides for us.

Ask yourself this question:

In any given moment do we need more than one set of clothes to wear or one car to drive or one computer to use?

Our understanding of our resources is creating the world we live in. For the most part we believe resources to be finite and limited and our response to them is therefore overwhelmingly greedy. We want and believe we should have more and at any cost.

But what if this was only a perception?

If we were less ‘greedy’ emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically would the world around us feel more abundant?

And more importantly – what are we really greedy for?

There is sufficient data from the studies done on the psychology of shopping and affluence to suggest that the feel good is not the object bought, the amount of money it cost or the ownership of the object. The real buzz is the infinitesimal sense of pleasure that we receive at the moment of exchange, similar to feelings of pleasure received through eating chocolate, having sex and feeling a sense of wellbeing that is promoted by the feelings of love and belonging.

So maybe our insatiable greed is for LOVE.

And here is the great irony. Love is free and boundlessly abundant but only to those who have recognised that Love begins with self. To find the wellspring of love within means releasing the beliefs and pain you have brought with you along your journey. When this is done, the well that has felt empty and barren fills with refreshing liquid love and starts to replenish the parts of you that have become desert because of your misunderstanding of love and yourself. Here is a poetry fragment from ‘Peace-Songs and Persimmons’ I would like to share.

We fear what we most desperately yearn for
Love and deep intimacy
Firstly with another
Then with ourselves
And finally with our God.

Furthermore love begets more of it until we feel abundantly overwhelmed with the blessing and we have to give it away to feel at peace with the surplus we are constantly creating.

When we are filled with love, our greed subsides and we live in harmony with our needs, not our desires and wants. Being filled with love brings other benefits too: a desire to be at peace with others, a feeling of cooperation not competitiveness and a desire to understand others and respect their needs. All of these we recognise as necessary to bring the planet to peace and to conserve the resources we have on this abundant verdant earth.

Maybe I don’t need that new spring wardrobe after all – it makes you think doesn’t it?

Till next time wishing you the bless-sings of peace.