From your location, you have created for yourself all you could and all you want. You are not restricted by the temperament of things external to you, however, these things do reveal much for you. Look at yourself as if you exist within a grid of direction, with all things formed by three axes. All things are right and left, up and down, and forward and back. This is by perspective and you are its master, for as you turn and rotate your perspective, your world changes, and you see different things. You exist at precisely the point where three planes intersect.

You are not imprisoned by the vertex (or call it a vortex) formed by these three realities – this is actually where you are most powerful. Your arena is formed by these three intersecting and interrelating planes – they are what provide structure for you to develop that personal sphere of influence around you. It is from within that sphere that you operate, and the more aware you are of your vertex, the more effective you are at your work, or dream. You can journey beyond the center of this sphere or even run from it, but since this is where you initiate your most influential power, you must return to it, for this is your place. This is your geographic center from which all things issue. This is where you relate to all things.

Think of your geographic world as a directional world, for you direct it as it wishes to be directed, and as you stand within it. Think of this directional world as prepositional as you move within it (again, up and down, forward and back, and right and left). Think of it as pre-positional as you position all things in it ahead of yourself, so they will be there when you place your attention upon them, and as you position yourself within them. Your geographic position makes you the key to all that there is. Be unaware of your center and you will falter as the gyroscopic nature of your sphere of influence wobbles and sways in imbalance.

From your center comes your power – the power that drives the Will of Self. It is this Will which drives you and gives you purpose. It is this simple purpose that the Magus knows and understands.

You will discover, as your world gets smaller and the universe larger, that in the more expanded realm of energy there is much activity around you. Specific archetypes, energies, and entities work as you, with you, and for you – these are the patterns you have at your command to create. As your existence shines more brightly, you attract and become aware of information brought forth from even higher frequencies, and from clearer spaces. From the physical realm to non-corporeal guides and instructors – from planetary, solar, and stellar intelligences and beyond, you will find great occasion to become familiar with and embrace a variety of clans and characters which are even more varied than those of the just the human spectrum. It is within you to reach into the mind of Self, for all exist within it. It is within you to commune with all those who would take their places geographically around you.

Many of these non-physical beings you have the opportunity to consciously work with are those who have existed before in what you consider your three-dimensional realm. There is a bond you have with these teachers because of your common experiences, and rapport with them is easily established. These elder brothers and sisters who now reside in higher vibrations have walked the same path you walk now. Like you, they have progressed through multiple lives to attain the level of mastery now inherent in their being. They radiate consciousness in the form of light which illuminates darkness but doesn’t eradicate it, for it lives within it. This greater awareness uses wave-form to carry information to you. With this information encoded in light, your way will be illuminated while your relationship with your Self is revealed. These beings of higher frequency are Masters, though they are not your masters, they are simply as you will be – Masters of their own Realities.

Masters and Teachers of this way have manifest throughout the timeline of your dream over and over, by your own command. It is by you that they have been created. They take body just as you have, and live their lives facing beauty and challenge just as you do. They demonstrate the grace and love that is possible for all, and ask only that you do the same. Each and every being in the Body of Source contributes to a higher purpose exactly as called for, regardless of appearances, and no one individual, embodied or discarnate, is to be held in more regard than another. You are these Masters that you have created.

Your elders are your equals and they command no supplication be shown toward them, only honour. It is only your Self that you must exalt, and it is by this that all is exalted. Your intentions to be equal and one with your seniors are affirmed by your striving. When the inertia of empty pattern is transformed by pure action, your greatest level of potential is triggered. Be attentive within your actions to be at one with your actions. Express your desire, identify the results you wish, recognise and understand your process and have no attachments to the results you wish to be. This is the elusive balance, that of intent and detachment at once in each moment that you must aspire to. This is clear use of mind.

The results of your actions are ensured by your unfailing certainty – by your knowledge that things already are as you desire. Your dream is alive, and only in living can you manifest universal energies. All your actions will confirm or deny these energies, and your patterns remain only potential until they are known to exist and set into motion by desire. This desire is most effective when initiated from a place that is beyond what is considered right or wrong. It is by this desire that any pattern is given life. It is your desire that binds the potential of pattern with the fertility of invention that opens the door to creation. Realise and know the limitlessness of this cosmic and chemical wedding.

By learning the mastery of energy and vibration and accepting your own remembrance, growth, and inevitable fulfillment, you contribute to the design of Life on your planet, in your galaxy and throughout the universe – the Body in which you are only a cell. This immense Body is the arena, the playground that exists for your experience in being truly free. Your freedom is not something anyone else can offer you – no church leader, no politician and no sage can offer you this. It is not theirs to offer you, or theirs to take away.

The veils of illusion are parted in upward motion, so you must open your mind to expose the limitations of an artificial sphere of reality. You must settle not for any placebo as substitute for your own patterns or your own choices. The brilliance of your mind cannot be subdued, but it can be distracted or ignored. If something is offered you, recognise the substance of the giver, and this will reveal the substance of the gift.