Karmic Ecology is calling all writers who are able to articulate unique forms of balance.

Karmic Ecology is the perfect place for writers to interact with their readers, potential and existing, because it is on the web and accessible to everyone.

They say that everyone has a book, one page or a thousand, in them waiting to be written. So when you finish it, what happens next? Writers can feel that they are dressed up with nowhere to go because traditional publishing can put your creative expression into a straight jacket. The only thing they do not provide is the padded room to vent your frustrations! Then, by the time you get your work into the market place, the tide of thought has shifted and you are no longer relevant.

Karmic Ecology understands the need for writers to have playgrounds in which to experiment, hypothesize, and test the market and demonstrates this by providing space on its website for writers to explore the theme of BALANCE – finding it, maintaining it, recognizing when we are in balance, recognizing when we are out of balance, and the benefits of being in balance. Submissions must be of literary publishable standard, no more than seven hundred and fifty (750) words and can be via story, self help, inspirational, motivational, prose – fiction – short story, poetry, and non-fiction biographical and anecdotal. Forum space is available for writers with a one off piece of work or for writers searching for a permanent home for their written expressions.

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