We live in a world of duality because we perceive our world in that way.

In a world that constantly overwhelms us with the choices we have to make moment by moment we have learned to cope by having clear choices and the clearest choices are the most defined such as milk chocolate or dark, black or white, day or night and so on.

As a soul we knew we were coming into this world of duality, this third dimension and we made our first choice when we decided to be a man or a woman and have a life experience.

But as we grow in understanding and so as to gain a deeper appreciation of living a full conscious life we need to understand the wholeness of both ourselves and the world and this is only possible when we accept that we are both light and dark, present and un-present, body and spirit. The first step to understanding that you are one, you are whole, is to realise that you exist because your shadow side does as well. It is not in opposition to you but acts as a foil for the light of you to shine. This begins with incarnation. As a man in physical form you possess a non physical inner female as your shadow and this is vice versa for a woman.

This shadow side is where you filter your unconscious thoughts, beliefs and then respond to them with your emotions and actions.

Often the shadow will hold your heritage – the patterning you have agreed to be this lifetime – your non-physical DNA if you like. The impact of this DNA is profound. It acts as a magnet to attract experiences to you so that you can experience or become conscious of your thoughts and feelings.

It is only when you begin the journey to consciousness that you can appreciate the concept of choice and co-creation of your personal version of the universe.

Most people choose to learn this through pain and suffering, but it could so easily be learned through joy and delight. Those who have been avatars or guiding lights through humanity’s history have tried to instil in their followers this understanding.

Every situation that happens to us involves choice. The choice does not always lie with the event ‘happening’ to us (although through past actions we can influence these events.) but where real choice lies, where our point of absolute power sits, is in our choice of how we react to the event.

So let’s look at a simple example of Jack and Melissa. Both have had their belongings stolen from them while they were distracted getting their shopping at the supermarket. Jack reacts in fear and anger demanding retribution from the store, vowing never to get his groceries there again and carries his loss, fear, anger and resentment at the world for a long time whereas Melissa philosophically shrugs her shoulders and says she needs to be more careful in the future and blesses the incident as an experience of learning and gets on with her life.

Of these two expressions neither is right or wrong as it depends totally on our choice of how we wish to live in the world. But from observation it is clearly more advantageous to move on in life than live under an emotional cloud of negativity, surely? So if we have a choice why not choose the one that brings you (and others) the most benefit?

It has been said that a heart that is filled with light knows love and a mind that is serious and contemplative accesses wisdom. Clearly Melissa’s heart knows love and she accesses her wisdom to choose what is best in this situation.

For humanity playing with the world of duality on this third dimensional Earth we are really learning only one thing – how to love and be loved. Once we understand this wisdom becomes the many layered gift we get given for being willing to learn about love.