Everyone at some point in their lives has experienced the effects of creativity; either being a contributor or a recipient, both roles are equally satisfying. You might pick up a book that has beautifully constructed prose or hear music that seems to be born of another world. All forms of art, whether visual, literary, musical, performance or design, are results of somehow suspending thought and channeling creativity, bringing it into the world for others to enjoy and contemplate. We are moved by all forms of creativity because we recognize parts of ourselves in it.

The importance creativity plays in our lives could not be stressed more. Many of us have read articles about artists, writers or musicians who explain how their works came to fruition. Most often than not, many artists speak of being taken over by a creative entity; of experiencing a window of inspiration where something or someone was creating their work for them. They see themselves as a silent witness; an instrument channeling divinity. Somehow they have been able to harness spirit and bring it into physical form, or at least in some form that is tangible to our senses. Our thoughts can often hinder creative expression rather than assist it; too much thinking can be detrimental and squash spontaneity. Keeping a balance between creating and planning becomes the focus; sometimes we need to step out of the way and allow creativity to flow organically. This is easier said than done!

We might not all be musicians or artists, in fact most of us probably aren’t, but that does not mean we don’t have anything creative to offer. In fact, all of us are creating everyday; we are the artists of our lives, the biggest, most rewarding masterpiece of all. Often, nature can provide us with clues on how to access the creativity within us. If we look at a single seed, it contains within it everything it needs to fulfill its potential and grow. It doesn’t need to think about it. If we learn to see ourselves in the same way, it can help us create the lives we desire.

Within us, is the limitless source of creativity that allows us to make a positive contribution to the world. Our daily lives are filled with tasks we are usually too busy to engage in properly in the first place, so connecting with your creative spirit may seem like just another task to add to the list for some. However, there are ways to incorporate the creative within the routine. Creativity is allowing the spirit to shine through; we can consciously walk through our day paying attention to nature and our surroundings. It can be as simple as listening to the wind while you’re sitting in a park, appreciating the colour of the sky at sunset, sharing a laugh with a friend or indulging in the stillness of the early morning. By tuning in to the creativity in the world, we place ourselves in a positive state of mind, thereby nurturing a sense of gratitude and appreciation that impacts our lives. By harnessing the creative energy in the world we can ultimately bring aspects of it into our daily existence; it does not have to take the form of a best-selling novel or award winning piece of art, it can be as simple as performing our usual tasks with some mindfulness and imagination. For instance, approaching our work and lives differently; if teaching, try to hold a class outdoors instead of indoors; if cooking, try new recipes; when reaching for a book, read one from a genre you wouldn’t usually read; when exercising, try jogging a different route than usual. In this sense, the ‘what’ does not really change, only an aspect of it does. Most of us aim for fulfillment in our lives and a sense of purpose; creativity can help in attaining this goal by keeping things fresh, expanding our minds and moving us out of our usual comfort zones. A varied life experience will most surely keep resentment at bay.

By remaining open to the creative forces in the world, we can access parts of ourselves that may lay dormant or hidden. It allows us to showcase our talents and share them with others. Creative expression can open the door to healing, forgiveness, gratitude and love. It expands our minds, offers new perspectives and stretches our thoughts in different directions, helping us to think outside the square.