How many times in your life have you lived it in the small repeated actions of being afraid to rock the boat, upset the neighbours, family or friends rather than live your life in the fullness of you?

Each time we negate ourselves because we fear the repercussions of others, we create a state of dishonouring us and this in turn creates disowner-ship, frustration and pain.

I am not suggesting that we play out our every whim with complete disregard to the society and world we live in. There are boundaries of safety for oneself and others that need to be adhered to for all to function together but what of other areas of difference.

Some years ago I had a client that lived in a historically designated suburb. All the houses are expected to look a certain way and be painted in strict colours from the period. Every time a house is sold the local council send out the advice and let the owner know they will be fined and requested to paint their house accordingly.

My client had been living in the suburb for some years and had painted the house in accordance with the standards although she really wanted to paint it in different shades. Here it was again time to paint the house and she was very upset that the house would not be painted in the colours she wanted. She wanted to paint the house canary yellow but she didn’t want to be fined or have to repaint the house if the council found out. I asked her if she had put yellow in other parts of the house – and was that sufficient canary yellow for her needs? But she said she needed the outside of her house that colour. I asked her if she herself had changed in the time she had been living in the house and she agreed she had. Slowly we worked through the options and suddenly she smiled and said:

‘I need to be me. Everything about this house is about me fulfilling my Mother and what I really want is to be me!’

Over the next 12 months my client changed everything about her life. She sold her house, invested the money and did what she had wanted to do all along – go and live in India. She stayed in India for a couple of years and then moved to Sri Lanka. Every now and then I receive an email from her and she is always happy and fulfilled with her life of helping others and her investments have managed to supplement what she needs in her new life.

My client is living the ‘bigness’ of herself and loving every minute of it. She has learned so many new skills in her life that she would never have learned stuck in her house in the historic suburb of Sydney! Most surprisingly for my client, her Mother has been to Sri Lanka and is very happy her daughter is enjoying her life so much!

Sometimes we choose to have others hold us back from being the truth of ourselves and we become small. When we were children we played at being a super hero and flying through the air and any number of other options that we thought would be good to try. Get in touch with this side of yourself again, the part of you that ‘plays’ and you will find where you ‘BIG TRUE’ self is. Here you will find ways to make that part of you come alive. Anyone can play at being less of them self than they really are. Choose to be bold it pays big dividends – as you can see from my client, it is really worth your effort!

Until next time, travel with the blessings of peace.