The world is always exactly what we think it to be, and will always be what we think it to be. The Earth is our playing-field, but as wondrous and responsive as it is, we have forgotten how to play with life. We have forgotten the rules.

It is as simple to change the world as it is to change your mind.

We must know that the answers to life’s great questions remain always just before us. There is no great agenda contained within life once creative understanding, willingness and spontaneity allow life to burst upon the scene. Make no mistake, though, for while life does burst, it can only burst upon a foundation of reality that we have built for it, and it is each of our singular responsibilities to provide that foundation.

The following is like a tapestry woven into design with its warp and weft expressing both the masculine and feminine, the exposed and hidden, or the concrete and abstract natures of our world, though it is actually all woven with a single thread. All things are banded together, mutually interdependent on one another while maintaining their own certain singular identities.

Because of this, Dreams of the Magus exists to encourage the feminine, non-rational and abstract ways of thought and perception, for these ways are easily as important as the masculine, linear and rational ways. Within we must also encourage the masculine nature that exists within us, so deep analytical skills will be considered as valuable in the conclusions that you make upon reading this text.

With your participation, you will be piecing together a puzzle, or, if you would, a mosaic of words or dreams. Reading this compilation will result in a self-dialog within your own mind, forcing you to make your mind question its own ways of thinking, and its reality. What is right, what is wrong? What is true, what is false? Only you can decide.

Life itself is not a question of morals, for morals belong to societies and cultures—these morals are transcendent, and change always with the times. The downward spiral we have found ourselves on is coming to an end for us, for the illusory limitations that have been accepted have taken our breath away, and when one realises s/he is drowning, s/he will always look for some way to take another breath.

Group-think runs rampant today, which is inappropriate for the growth of the individual, so this book addresses no group-mind, but only individuals. We must each question our own ways of thought without seeking peer approval. We must each decide what it is that we know to be right for ourselves, and for ourselves only—no one else. This is foundational work on an individual level. Without this, we continue sleeping and do not participate within our own journeys. Certain realisations must be had prior to our awakening, and only then will we find that we have surfaced from those deep waters that we have been drowning in. We will then catch our breath, and begin to swim. We will find ourselves altogether in a new endeavor, but only because we began on our own.

Our dreams are woven into the pages of this book, and will become manifest dreams of a deep knowledge and in harmony with all that is around us. Presently, we think we are linear beings, and we may be, but only in part. We are also, even more so, abstract beings, and from this perspective we have forgotten nothing, and we already know everything we need to know. We just have to realise this.

As these dreams called chapters in this book unfold, a vague picture will begin to show itself. Some pieces of this puzzle are more clearly visible than others—some will relate, some will interrelate and some will seem to stand alone. Clusters of ideas will come together in your mind and fragmentation will slowly cease to exist, but it is in this fragmentation that we must begin, for this is what we are accustomed to—this is the type of reality we have created.

It is only when everything contained within this book is considered as a whole that something may appear to be unfolding in your life, and this is but a result of your thinking differently—this is your result by your choice. So your results, your choices, must be tried and tested, and in return these decisions and deductions must challenge all you believe you know so that you may live a life that is of your choice. Paradox will arise, and such is the nature of this Grand Universe within. This is where you will demand of your mind its abstract capabilities.

You will begin to paint a picture of a new reality, one of your own making. This picture will reveal itself to be a picture of yourself—every day you paint your own self-portrait. When you think your portrait is complete, study it carefully and take note of the spaces between your strokes, in the spaces where there is no content, for this is where the life of your painting exists. This is where your image is allowed to move and change and become more brilliant. Emptiness will always remain, for there must be space for light to come through, and for light to rush into. The living nature of this topic requires that life be formed by the inventive mind in the spaces between what we call reality. Continual self-examination is required at this point so you can keep up with who you are continually becoming. Your mind will always extract information that floods in with the light. This, then, is only your beginning.

It is my hope that these dreams will suit you as they have suited me. There is truth underlying all myth, and while some myth may be expounded upon for understanding, others must be scrupulously dissected to be returned to ancient and serviceable form. Life as myth is not something frozen in an irrelevant past, but is a story we are writing to this day, each and every day upon existing archetypes and patterns. Unfortunately, the pictures we are painting today are but placebo for the real thing—this modern myth has no more substance than a cartoon character, for the truth has been buried beneath centuries of lies and lust for power. The morals of the story have changed.

However, the story of Life Itself is an ancient one which is not dead, for it cannot be killed. Therefore, your modern myth had to be laid over the old like a blanket, covering the truth in hopes of replacing it—this blanket is a poor counterfeit. Basing your life on any fraudulent fiction, you build your home on a weak foundation. Your walls must fall, for they have been built on lies and deceit. The truth of life as myth, and in myth, has been hidden behind modern glamours and slick polish. You have lost the original power of personal myth, thinking of this myth only as story, no different than your Super-bat-spidermen. Life is not cartoon, and myth is not story—it is not meant to entertain and put us back to sleep only to dream our compromised dreams. We have lost our original purpose.

We must challenge what it is we think we know today, and must decide for ourselves what works for us. We have to choose how to live our lives, and we have to start making these choices NOW. The lifeless dogma of our present and recent past serves no one but the elect, and only fixes the unfixable.

It is not required that you take the words in this book in a literal sense, just allow them to carry a message to you that is your own. To imitate without reason any teaching is to repeat the mistakes of our past. Instead, examine, explore and experiment with each new thought and idea that arises in your own mind, and in your own life. Be gentle with yourself as you develop a new, free method of thought, and allow deep introspection to ripen within your heart and mind for a time. Just as a seed which is sown will sprout, grow, blossom and fruit, so will you with ideas which are your own—ideas not necessarily your own because you developed them, but yours because you have consciously chosen them, and applied them, and are now living your life with a clearer understanding of who, and what, you actually are.

In the end, you will see this collection of dreams will have you paint a picture of a singular intention, but the text itself relies on you. It is by your intention that a new foundation will been laid, and again, this foundation is yours. It is the gift provided by your journey through these pages and your life. Questions may arise that you feel have not been answered in this book, but the existence of these questions shows that the answers already reside within you. In having seen the overall picture in the moment, as it were, you will see the sum of the parts cannot be greater than the whole.