The question came to me – What is power? Is power the ability to influence people, situations and actions to benefit oneself or one’s beliefs? I think this might be so. How do we become powerful? And what is power in a balanced society?  I watched not only the candidates but the people’s reaction to them. It made me think there are three things that make someone powerful.

Firstly there is Presence. This is an innate ability to be present in each moment as it arrives. This ability to be present gives the bearer a charisma that is potent.

This was certainly true of the Barrack Obama we saw on the podium speaking to the millions. He was polished, educated and present as he spoke. He gave himself and the audience the opportunity to be still after each major point he made to digest his words and to feel his presence in the moment. He courted them, he waited for them to follow his thoughts and his presence.

Secondly there is Truth. When one speaks the truth as they see it – it resonates clearly for others to hear. It sounds sincere, honest and believable.

Even when the substance or nuts and bolts of something are not explained it creates in us a desire to believe that makes it hard not to support the person in their truth. If we disagree with the truth of the other person it does not blind us to the right of the person to have their own truth. We tend to rise above the biases and react in respect. This was true of many Republicans who were surprised and touched by President Obama’s truth to listen to him even if they would not vote for him.

These two foundations of power are what got President Obama across the finish line and into the White House. Now Americans and indeed the rest of the world need to see if he can fulfil the final foundation of power which is:

Thirdly there is Action.  Power is measured by the willingness to take a stand for what one has said is one’s truth. This means taking action to fulfil the promise of speaking one’s truth. It is the walk that must follow the talk.

When a person of power, presence and truth walks their talk they become powerful and a presence to be reckoned with.

Taking on the mantle of action is where the ability to stay present has the most impact. This is where our truth becomes real –where we take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions.

While Barak Obama is on the world stage and we can see first-hand his development as a powerful person, we too can use this moment to see how we can be powerful in our own sphere of existence.

How are we using our power and presence?
How are we speaking and acting from our truth?

Do not for a moment think it is only those who walk the world arenas who are powerful for when you do this you give over your personal power for others to use and abuse.
Take back your power, be present, speak your truth and act with integrity. You will be surprised at what happens in your world.

And in the future – Power in a balanced world? Here is my Utopia!

In a balanced world many more people would live in the truth of their power and purpose. When we apply acceptance and respect to our differing positions, the one can be accommodated without losing the whole and vice versa.

Till next time, travel with the blessings of peace.