Step 2: Look at where your time is spent

So, let’s look at your week. Was that a groan I heard? Yes, you need a time-table and then we can clearly tell where you have time for you. If you work or go to school, block out those times (unless you have long breaks) and only use times outside of this in your chart. You can choose how large your time slots are too … half hour increments, hourly ones – whatever works for you. A blocked out time isn’t always exclusive either, I help with homework whilst watching television or cooking dinner and I do payroll and reports and banking amongst these time zones too sometimes … flexibility is key. You can also have a totally separate weekend chart, too. Ready? You can make yours look like anything you want to, this is just an example of my weekdays..

As I said earlier, sometimes these activities over-lap and sometimes I need to move slots around and sometimes I don’t get to some of these at all. However, you can see that I make time for certain things and work around the things I have to get done and still have some space free for other things too. When my kids have rehearsals or outside school based things on, we reassess and re-work our time yet again. I also have the luxury of having the working from home aspect of our business and so my day times are used for washing, ironing, cleaning, shopping and work stuff too. The whole point of doing this is so you can visually see what you spend your time doing and where there may be time for what you love to do. This is where you work out your priorities, commitments and necessary activities and decide how you will spend your time. This does not mean, however, that you are a slave to your chart or that you rule your life by this at all. This is merely a visual representation of your time and a means to help you achieve time for “you”.

Step 3: Creating Imbalance whilst looking for balance

Well, this sounds ridiculous doesn’t it but I assure you it happens. When I began my spiritual journey, I spent (or tried to) every waking moment on it. I would attend as many workshops, festivals and fares as I could. Suddenly, I found shops that sold crystals and metaphysical things and spent all of my time (& a large degree of my money) in there. I found interesting people with interesting life-styles and absorbed everything as if I was alive for the very first time. I went to art classes and clairvoyants and bought an endless supply of reading material. I learnt to meditate properly and wanted to spend all conscious moments in this state for it was so much better than the boring stuff my life was filled with. I did, effectively, cram everything remotely spiritual into my life because it was all I wanted to do.

Meanwhile, my family suffered & I began to resent having to spend my valuable time doing things that I believed weren’t important at all, well, nowhere near as important as me finding out about my past lives and karmic history. I literally turned my life upside down in my hunger, my absolute longing, for my life to have meaning again. The imbalance I had created consumed me totally.

When we begin to follow one part of the life of our soul, it is so easy to forget that our other life (the one of commitments) is equally as important. I had planned to devote my whole life to the attainment of my dreams at the expense of reality. Everything I do, think, feel, believe and dream of is a part of who I am … it is how I express all of me. By turning this imbalance around and allowing my family into this sanctum of mine, they now have a better understanding of why I think the way I do and why my Spirit Guide drawings mean so much to me and why I need to have music and dance and lots of things (especially my alone time) in my life. Instead of keeping all of this locked away inside me, I express it, I create it and I live it … outwardly. I use what I feel and know and understand and believe in my everyday life. I use it to understand my world and the reason I am in it.

So, it’s back to plotting out time zones and seeing where you have time to do whatever it is you wish to pursue just for you. In your longing to discover more about you, it is important to remember the rest of your life too and a part of this includes our next step..