When we start to list the woes of the world we could be forgiven for thinking that it is all too hard and where could we, one sole person in the billions of humanity create any change? Surely it is easier to let it all go and let someone else do the work?

The key to making change is to start with oneself.

It is our unconscious thoughts that help keep us and the world stuck in old patterns of behaviour. When we change our thoughts and feelings as an individual we allow the light in. To allow the light in means to bring in the power of forgiveness, love and new ways of acting and being in the world. The alchemy of these emotions create exponential change in us and those around us.

If each one of us on this planet simply took responsibility for our own thoughts and feelings we would automatically create complete change.

We and the planet would be at a state of dynamic balance, a place of deep and abiding peace.

Imagine what would be possible in this state?

Here is a simple exercise that can assist you to look at your own attitudes to these big problems:

  1. Take one of the ideas and write down all your thoughts and feeling about it until you have nothing left to say.
  2. Get out your red pen and cross out all the points you wrote down that you can see are helping to keep you and the world stuck.
  3. Forgive yourself for these limiting points of view. You will note that your understanding can allow you to be compassionate for those who are still stuck in their limiting beliefs.
  4. Anger or disgust at others is a sign you have not yet got to the bottom of your own limiting beliefs. The world is your mirror remember!
  5. Ask that you be part of the solution and not the problem.

You might like to make an intention for your action from this point forward.

Our job in terms of the planet is to be responsible for ourselves. When we take on this responsibility, our true path opens up before us. We will then be directed to where we can use our talents the most and for the greatest good. For me this is about developing peace in the world person by person. It is not my place to work at the frontlines with war victims, in the peace-corps or with international aid. My skill set does not encompass these attributes and talents. Mine seems to be in talking to those not in a conflict zone but who maybe in their ‘own’ conflict zone on how to find the peace within so that they may take up their life’s destiny and path.

If each of us followed our true path many of the underlying emotions of lack, greed, and fear would dissolve and we would naturally be more peaceful.

Wishing you peace and blessings until next time.