We feel unbalanced when we believe we have made a wrong decision/action or even thought. If we eat that third chocolate cookie left in the box, we feel that we have strayed from the path we desire to follow, according to our karmic understanding of consequence. That cookie will make us gain weight because that is the consequence of the action of eating it. Seldom do we consider or act on rectifying actions. Like simple forgiveness of the self. Positive action to counter the action, such as a walk or bike ride. Or, renewed fortitude not to let ourselves wallow on negativity simply because we strayed slightly from a path we had ourselves defined.

Never let an action be drenched in guilt. We control our own guilt. Either abstain from actions which will sadden and guile you, or simply enjoy that third cookie. Look forward to it on your way home, have a lighter dinner or work towards healthy eating and healthier living.

The same applies to all occurrences of imbalance. We have ourselves defined that we are unbalanced. Life is hard, it is difficult and it is often painful. It is also challenging, strengthening and pleasurable. We do not always choose what gives us pleasure. We do choose how to act on desire.

Chocolate can be either an unhealthy, fattening, damaging experience. Or it can be wholesome, aid in weight loss and healing. It all depends on how we act on the desire to eat chocolate. Buying organic, fair trade, locally processed chocolate products is gratifying and divine. We are not only healing ourselves through whole foods, we are helping developing communities, local commerce and the environment.

The same applies to any food as well as to other actions and passions. It is our passions after all that most often cause us to feel as though we have strayed from our path. By finding ways to karmically balance our passions through positive actions and thought we win twice!

Your job may be frustrating or underpaid. Confrontation of those making your life lesser will strengthen you to set them straight. A weakness for shoes is combated by op-shopping, where you spend less money each time and have a more limited variety with greater gems. You are also contributing to ‘re-using resources’ rather than the consumer driven ecological disaster we are heading towards. Furthermore, by taking one of your current pairs in each time and effectively continuously circulating you are compounding this good effect.

Assess what it is in your life that gives you greatest pleasure and displeasure. Seek to change your path or re-define habits so that you find balance. Through a karmic understanding of the consequences of our actions we can hope to forge a personal path to balance and bliss. Through a more global, or karmic ‘ecology’ in our understanding of Karma, we can hope to bring balance to the earth.