When we take a physical body on Earth we exist in and on four planes at all times – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

What are the four plains?

Each plane interrelates with all others. Like a family these ‘bodies’ of our consciousness create alliances. Some work and co-exist well with each other and others fight. These relationships of self are built over time and are responsible for the ‘hue’-man being feeling at peace within him-self or at war.

War within will most surely see conflict without. As much as peace within will find peaceful surroundings without. We are always seeking a harmonious whole even when we are not conscious of it and we are always yearning to express love. As we resolve our inner conflicts, the light of love is able to shine through us. It is at that point that all of who we are touches all else. This is love in action.

The Spiritual Plane

All aspects of us that are our spiritual being, reside on this plane. These include our higher self, our soul, our essential self, the Earth star, the Incarnational star and the Soul Group star. All elements of consciousness that are not matter.

This plane contains all that interrelates with matter, creates matter into a certain pattern that is the – me or you that is our unique being.

Here lies the essence of us that will remember our physical incarnation and take it back to the ‘I AM’ or God, the All That Is presence and again become ONE.

On this plane resides, our soul’s purpose, the motivator or impulse for all that happens in the physical body, the impulse of creation that infuses matter and becomes life commonly known as the Life force or spark. These energies are transferred through the vibration of sound and light. The impulse to create is LOVE.

Emotional Plane

Here is the plane of energy in motion. Why do we need emotions..? because emotions are the fuel necessary for creation.

Even if we feel that we do not react emotionally, it may simply be that we do not express ourselves emotionally, but deep inside we are reacting to everything that we see, hear, think, feel and perceive in the world. The emotional computer is never switched off. Over time patterns of emotions emerge – a kind of shorthand or text messaging that blocks us from experiencing life as a new moment in each situation. This messaging blocks our ability to experience joy in our humanity. By embracing and accepting our emotions, we are able to be unafraid of them. Emotion are worthy of your understanding and cultivation. A deeply developed hue-man being who walks in grace has a fine repertoire of emotions at their disposal in order to enjoy their lives.

Mental Plane

Here is the plane of thought and ideas. This is the plane of conceptualising, where your spirit begins the road to expression. Here are the roles of the planner, thinker, analyser or worrier. Whatever aspect of your mental plane you are expressing now let it be.

The mental plane of us is a strategist or a general in some great army – ours! It’s task is to put all of our thinking, feeling and acting parts of us towards a pre-planned and accepted task.

It is not uncommon for the ‘General’ to be at war with you as you begin the path of consciousness this is because this plane also harbours the Ego. The Ego is driven by fear of losing power and as soon as you begin to develop the desire to be your authentic whole self trouble begins with the general. Over time though a truce is possible, and all parts of your ‘self’ will learn to be one. When you have upgraded your systems from Word 2003 to Word 2007 and let go of outmoded habits, beliefs and compulsions you will be at peace.

In the process of getting to peace it is important to be generous to aspects of ourselves less capable or weaker and allow our strengths to shine. Co-operate more rather than terrorise and bully our selves because these are signs we feel scared of living.

The mental body is often afraid of silence, the constant rhythm of the breath, the Great Spirit being that we are. Peace comes when we recognise that we are contributing with all parts of ourselves and that this includes the God force or universal consciousness that we are. We trust more. We let live more. We let go of controlling every minute experience of our lives for fear of who knows what.

These are the signs of a peaceful general. One who is so much more productive, insightful and strategic. S/he can plan the approach, attack and final victory while allowing all parts of us to take their part, to play their role to the hilt and bring home the prize. For yes love and happiness are certainly the victory. Now our general can be great, not a grandiose puffing bag of wind. S/he is appreciated for his/her unique role in creating the life we have and the life we love.

Physical Plane

The physical plane is the plane of matter, manifestation, the plane of the body, earth, the 3rd dimensional experience. Spirit considers you have arrived when you take up physical residence on Earth.

Earth school is the finest in creation!

Earth is a glorious place where you can express all of yourself and see how that impacts on the laws of the universe and the world of matter.

Of course, we arrive and promptly forget what wonder motivated us to be here.

Our senses are overloaded, we’re grappling with the very basics of survival – food, shelter, warmth and security and depending on these very early impressions and experiences we will thrive or not later in our life. We will have used the right instincts, have had our needs met and realise how we can achieve that.

If we haven’t we will always appear to have to fight for life’s basics, to fight for attention or love. If we do not find these things in the first few days they we will learn that we are not good enough, not worthy of receiving love and our heart will close. Our hearts will close slightly at first and then with increasing increments as each attempt to find and receive love is rejected or lost.

Until sometimes, as early as our teens, we are so hungry for love, kind words, warmth or friendship that we will do anything to get it and with each attempt unresolved the heart hardens until we need a wake-up call such as a near death experience, illness or shocking accident to open us to love.

To be a body experiencing life is exactly what we wanted. It seems hard to believe that when we are dealing with difficult circumstances and our lives are falling apart. This is the very time that we need to remember it most.

It is easy to do so when things are going well. The true test of our mettle is to be happy within ourselves when everything is falling apart.

Happy maybe is not the world, but content certainly is. Content enough to know that whatever you are dealing with right now will change. Content enough to know that you are always safe, okay and will learn from this experience, not be undone by it. Content to know that throughout our experiences of our life we remember our wholeness, our integrity and that we are love. And that we came to live all of it!