Mirror, Mirror, on the wall
Tell me I’m special and the greatest of all.
Pronounce to this land that I’m wise and so fair
And proclaim to the Heavens I’m a beauty so rare.
Come now O Mirror – praise me away
See how I’m flawless – come now – obey.
Aren’t I lovely and stunning and ever so kind?
In fact clever Mirror- another like me you can’t find.
Go on dear Mirror, lovely Mirror on the wall,
Tell me I am the very best of them all.
It is true O Lady that you are so wise
And that even to lofty heights you shall rise.
It is your voice that commands my being to see
That your heart is so gentle, so loving and free.
Your greatness, your beauty, O Lady I can tell
That you are a star and from the Heavens you fell.
To grace us with beauty and direction so true
O Lady, My Lady – we are indebted to you.
O silly Mirror – go on I do pray
I could sit here and listen to you the whole day.
Funny Mirror, O Mirror, My Mirror so great
What else do you see about my future, my fate?
Am I to travel and to see lands anew?
Tell me O Mirror – will they love me there too?
Can you see how they smile as they revere my sweet name?
Come whisper to me, Dear Mirror, I promise thee fame!
My Lady, My Leader and My Love I do admire
You are brave and so fearless and to be you I aspire.
In your future I see an unusual partner of sorts
Someone who’ll truly honour you and heed your great thoughts.
This being O Lady – shall I continue to say
Will bring you a new Kingdom with which to play.
You have only to look in my glass through the frame
To see this great being, you and he are the same.
The same O Mirror? You’re a laugh and you jest!
For no-one is like me, can’t be, I’m the best!
Who is this strange partner you have seen and now share?
And where do I find him and why should I care?
I am perfectly happy and content to be me
There is nothing that I need to become or to see.
So, why speak to me of someone to meet?
When I have all I want and my life’s so complete!
Dear Majesty, my Guide and my dear Friend I can say
That his image I can show you, just move forward, ok?
Come to me my beautiful and intelligent sweet Queen
Look inside, past the mist and watch this fair scene.
Lean closer my Lady, that’s it, he’s in there!
I’ve got you now, ha, ha, ha, you fool, join my lair!
You were shallow and hollow and oh so vain, too
And now I am, ha, ha, ha, more powerful than you!
*** *** ***

And into the darkness the beauty did fall
And no-one heard her screams, her cries – none at all.
So as I bid thee farewell and sweet dreams for the night
Heed this warning, take note or you too shall not get it right.
Gather your wits, not their charms nor their words should you save,
Your ego, your pride – to your vanity you’ll be a slave.
A silver tongue may sound pretty and even tell you, you’re great.
But, should this happen, think twice or you’ll seal your own fate!