Fundamentally, there are two main sectors of our mind:

The Conscious.

The Un-conscious.

What a simple arrangement… Of balance.

The Conscious mind is responsible for: our logic, decisions, rationale and will power, and is unable to multi-task thoughts simultaneously. It loves processing information and is deliberate. It is aware of the now and hence limited. Thing is, the Conscious mind is only aware of processing 7 bits of information on average at a time. The Conscious mind always asks “why?”

The Un-conscious (or sometimes referred to as the subconscious) mind is responsible for: memories, emotions, imagination and habits, and is automatic. It is able to unify, project or activate many tasks in one time. The Unconscious mind is aware of everything else. The Unconscious mind already knows the answers. The Unconscious mind has no limitations.

The two are very different, yet need to function together. So here’s a hopefully simple rundown of this wonderful relationship:

We already know that the Conscious mind can only receive and process a certain amount of information at any given time.

Now the Unconscious mind’s “task” if you like, is to constantly recognise when behaviour or skills have been learned and mastered. It moves these from the Conscious mind and stores these learned behaviours or skills unconsciously so that they are running automatically. So in effect we no longer have to “think” about them. Take the example of driving a car. It is an automatic process whereby now that the skill is mastered; you are no longer thinking actually about the driving, you just do it. Gone are the days of frantically remembering the seatbelt and the road sign rules (well for some of us anyhow!).

This tasking then allows the Conscious mind to be free to receive and process new information.

The Unconscious mind doesn’t judge whether something is good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative; it just does… So whether it is storing the mastered behaviour of driving a car, or the addiction of emotional eating… The procedure is exactly the same.

Quite often, we are really wanting to make a change (a decision; which is conscious) and then beat ourselves up because we have failed.

Seriously, take note: It’s not your fault. It is just a slight lack of information.

The change or habit when it is becoming a problem is no longer at the conscious level. By the time it has developed into something that you no longer want or need, it is a pattern that is running automatically (unconsciously). It is running because your Unconscious mind believes that it is something that you want to do.

So: It has nothing to do with having willpower, being weak, or even starting “on a Monday”, but everything to do with addressing the concern at the RIGHT level.

Willpower may work initially but is never long lasting or permanent, and because of this, will always be a constant struggle and challenge.

Did you know that it only takes 2-3 weeks to create a habit? Therefore it only takes 2-3 weeks to break a habit and create another!

In continuation with demystifying Hypnosis, it is while you are in a deeply relaxed state that the Conscious mind is no longer active (or busy processing other information), and the unconscious channel of communication is open. This is why hypnotic scripts promote deep relaxation and communicate unconsciously through comparisons, metaphors, imagery and the whole spectrum of senses. No data. No facts. Think about it… How do we dream? Our dreams are wonderful examples of the power of the open Unconscious mind.

So for those of you who are still fearful of the Unconscious mind, let me ask you this…

Why do you trust that your heart is beating at a steady normal rate when you are asleep? Who is responsible for your breathing? Are you telling yourself to blink every millisecond? No… Because all of this… is automatic. Fearful of the Unconscious mind? It is YOUR Unconscious mind. You gotta trust it.