Thursday, September 21, 2023


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Anthony Solerno Interview

Teresa Ralton writes that the focus on the acceptance and balancing of opposites underpins the teaching of Anthony Solerno.
Male Figures Meditating

Balance the inner and outer you

We realised we were more than the things we did and the roles we had. We understood that, no matter what we do, life will go by.
Stop the Clock

Stopping the clock

How does life become so consuming that we lose our identity and determine that our personal needs just don't matter? Dian Brown asks the question.

How to play the game of life

External influences have distracted us from our true purpose of being. Belief systems become set in place conditioning us into accepting far less than we are capable of being.
Flowering Friendship

Flowering friendships

Our lives are increasingly inundated with 3D stuff and our friendships pay the price. What we can do to nurture and ensure their quality and longevity?