Thursday, February 9, 2023


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Face What You Fear

Start believing in you

Our sense of self is a fragile thing. The one constant message we give ourselves is that we are not good enough. The power to change this lies with us.

A personal timetable

When Dian Brown was teaching time management skills to secondary students, she would have them draw a weekly time-table.
Male Figures Meditating

Balance the inner and outer you

We realised we were more than the things we did and the roles we had. We understood that, no matter what we do, life will go by.

Anthony Solerno Interview

Teresa Ralton writes that the focus on the acceptance and balancing of opposites underpins the teaching of Anthony Solerno.

Why writers write, and readers read

Melody R Green sets the scene for her weekly blog on philosophy. This week's focus is firmly on the I. More importantly - the 'Who Am I'.