We cried often when we were babies.

Most parents think there is a reason for this, that we need to be fed, changed, comforted or loved. And all of these maybe true. But more importantly, you as a soul have arrived in a big place with lots of emptiness and unknown-ness that is often filled with energies of those you love, but also those you don’t know, don’t like the look of or feel unconnected or threatened by. This experience called living seems overwhelming and scary.

So how do you cope?

You cry. You cry your sound out into the world so that you know that in the mad world of other people’s energies you exist. For if you didn’t hear your own sound, could not vibrate with it, you would feel lost and may give up being here altogether.

This is the first step of creating our personal his-story or her-story. Where we have been becomes the familiar that we visit in order to feel comfortable about ourselves.

In time when our stories start to fill with sorrow and disappointment we rewrite our stories subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) changing details so that the reality of what happened can match the dream that we had intended for ourselves.

The problem with doing this though is there is so little space for new dreams to come into being because the patterns of the past mean that we create more of what we would like to change about our lives (i.e. we create the same problems) when what we really want to create is what we want – which is a change of view.

Personal his-stories and her-stories and our attachment to them become a noose around our neck that burdens us with limitations in the present. We need to be free to experience life in each moment, creating it as we go and following the flow of love. To do this with ease and grace means to let go of our attachment to the past.

Being able to look at photos and mementos of your life and not recognise them as you now but from another time, almost as though they were a completely different being is a sign that you have accepted the truth of time. For in this moment you are a completely different being from the ‘you’ of yesterday or year.

So how do you make the best of your ‘story’? Firstly, become selective in what you tell people about who you are. When you meet someone new decide on a personal his-story day – a time to tell your tales about you. Answer any questions that are brought forward from the telling with the wisdom of hindsight – and then never mention them again.

They have no true bearing on your present and even less on your future unless you wish to repeat your patterns all over again.

And here is a way to keep you story but not be burdened by it.

1. Journal your story up to the end of last year and then at the end of each year that passes add an entry- creating a snapshot of that year and then let it go
2. Add photos but don’t keep them on display, they are the old you not the now you!

It is more important that you recognise yourself as love than you recognise your personality or identity. An adult does not need to hear herself in the world to know she exists, for as an adult she knows she is the ‘I AM’ present – nothing else of her-story is relevant unless the I Am energy of love embraces it.

Trust in love and BE. Nothing more is asked of you.