All of us have specific goals and dreams, some private, some we inform others about, but we all aim to reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, whatever it may signify for us. It could be monetary or financial gain, a new career or job, a loving relationship, a new home – or it could be a new outlook or attitude. Whatever the pot of gold signifies for you, it is possible to reach it and make it yours, but first we have to quieten our minds and stop over-thinking.

Often when we examine our goals, we may feel disheartened and think things will never go our way; the operative word being think. We think we know how things will result, we think we can read other people’s minds and motives and we think we are in control of all factors, all of the time. This could not be further from truth; in fact, we are so preoccupied with the details, we forget the big picture, we forget about our pot of gold. Oftentimes, the constant thinking we do resembles a hamster running on a wheel; never-ending, utterly exhausting and getting us nowhere.

We have all shared the experience of nervously anticipating an event, whether social or business-related. We think about it weeks before hand and stew over how we imagine things will unfold. If we see a positive picture in our minds then the better for us, but often we view things in a negative light. It seems like an uncontrollable urge; the one thing we are not in control of. We begin conjuring scenarios in our minds and inventing dialogue between people, when it’s impossible for us to know how things will turn out.

Cultivating a healthy, positive frame of mind is easier said than done, but it is certainly achievable. Like most things, it takes practice, practice, and more practice, until the new way of thinking becomes as natural as breathing. It is not a decision we make once and never have to make again. It is a choice we have to make over and over. There is no secret to maintaining positivity, it does not happen overnight; just like achieving our goals does not happen overnight but is something we diligently work towards.

Not only is staying positive critical to reaching our pot of gold, whatever it may be, but asking ourselves whether it will bring us ultimate happiness in the end is also of utmost importance. For instance, if our pot of gold signifies money or a new career, will it bring us happiness? After all is said and done, will we be better off in terms of overall happiness and peace of mind, or will it transform into a burden for us and others? Is it worth it? All questions we can ask ourselves to pinpoint where our true intentions lie.

We are continually learning about how our minds function. We are beginning to become aware of the influence our thoughts have on our lives. When reaching for our pot of gold, we learn so much about ourselves; it is like peeling back the layers to reveal the unknown. The road to rainbow’s end usually teaches us a lot about ourselves, especially the way we think about life; do we see life as easy or challenging? Do we rejoice in the simple things? Do we have gratitude?

No matter what others may tell us, it is possible to reach our pot of gold waiting patiently for us at the end of the rainbow. Whatever our deepest dreams are, whatever our goals, we can claim them. If we remain open, stop obsessing over what is out of our control and cultivate positive thoughts than perhaps we’ll reach our pot of gold sooner rather than later.