Karma is personally defined. We define our own beliefs, filtering thoughts, actions, information and experiences. We distil, from what we experience and the information we absorb, a very personal understanding of the world. The concept of Karma is personally defined by yourself through experience, knowledge and intuition. The path you then take in life, the direction you choose to travel or which chooses you, is defined and lead by the beliefs you have established. This then influences your choices, actions and desires.

You express your passions through the path you choose, as dictated by your beliefs. It is good to give, in giving you receive. Karmic understandings of giving tell us that all good action will be balanced by a good re-action. So by pursuing passions through good or positive or giving actions we draw these things to us. What we perceive to gain through giving is defined by our understanding of Karma. To find balance we try to give and receive in equal or greater proportions. As personal, often self-centred passions and desires lead us to.

There is nothing wrong with being centred in the self. That is the type of being we are. But, only by looking equally outwards as well as inwards can we find personal balance. Societally this is reflected as well. We must seek to change not only the actions or ethics of a group, but of ourselves at the same time. If one changes, they may then lead the way. If you do one good action you pave the way for your own future actions. If repetition becomes habit, then in seeking to repeat good actions we make for ourselves good habits.

Balance is a complicated and conflicting concept. It is something we all seek, in many areas of our lives. You may believe that you have not achieved balance, either earlier in this life or a past one. Now you are attempting to overcompensate. Stop. Think. Reflect. Remember for yourself the path you seek to your own personal, or relationship shared, or global balance. Seek your path. Forge your way forward. Look ever to the past as well as the future while deciding on the present.

Once you know what you hope to balance in your life, then you can seek out the right path, through positive actions.