Most of us think of surrender as a negative act. We liken it to giving up, giving in, quitting or settling for the way things are, even when we’re unhappy. Viewed from a different perspective however, surrender can be incredibly helpful. It can be a remarkable starting point from which to influence lasting change. Negative connotations aside, surrender can actually help us move forward in life by accepting the present moment and applying consciousness to our efforts.

Reading about old battles between ancient cities, all their time, money and resources spent, with little or no result in their favour, one is left to assume the validity and justification of their actions. The energy spent in resisting could be better used by knowing when to cut your losses. Surrender provides a sense of clarity and wisdom. Sometimes the fight, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, can leave your vision clouded and the way out is not noticeable.

By acceptance of the moment, a newfound perspective and energy flows into your thoughts and actions, making a new result possible. By surrendering it does not mean someone else is right and you are wrong, or that someone is better than you and you are inadequate, it just means accepting the moment for what it is. No labels attached.

Viewing surrender as an opportunity is easier said than done, especially when in the midst of what seems like a never ending uphill battle. Contrary to what people believe, surrendering to the present does not render you powerless – far from it. It allows you to view your current situation and wholeheartedly accept that this is where you are now. You begin to realise that there is nothing outside of this present moment.

That isn’t to say that we should blindly accept whatever is happening in our lives, particularly if it’s a negative or toxic circumstance. Positive surrender is not about passively sitting on the sidelines, leaving all things to fate. It involves taking action. Before surrendering, you may have been preoccupied with resisting the present moment, and ignorant to hidden solutions. Surrender can help shine a light on answers that were always there.

An act of surrender can leave the door open to new possibilities and different directions. Things inconceivable before because you were stuck fighting against the present, suddenly spring into your line of vision. You realise there is more to your arsenal than you initially thought. All that energy invested in resisting, fighting and struggling is much better spent by surrendering; it provides you with the much needed impetus to move forward.

Surrender promotes a sense of relief in more ways than one; it provides a state of grace, peace and gratitude. What better frame of mind to be in to affect positive, conscious change?

It’s like being in a darkened house and finally switching a light on. The light floods you with a sense of clarity and peace that you did not have before. It allows you to see the moment for what it is and you are able to move with the current of life instead of resisting it.

Instead of sitting in the dark, you’re able to see ahead and make all necessary changes. Your plans and decisions are injected with a different kind of energy, one that is not loaded with negativity and feelings of defeat. Surrendering leaves you open to life, whereas resistance closes you.

It is wise to know when to change tactic in life; when something is no longer working and change is required. Surrender is not about raising the white flag and conceding defeat or quitting and giving up, but more about facing your challenge head on, whatever form it may take, whether a situation, a job, a relationship or yourself. It is about consciously accepting the moment for what it is and using it as a starting point to new experiences.