The basic state of the mind and the human being and even if you want further validation, the laws of nature and the universe, always require balance.

Tides will come and go. There will be drought and floods, species will die and reform and metamorphose, bushfires destroy and regenerate new growth, planets burst into flames and new stars are formed. Just as nature and the universe are continually expanding at rate which we think we can measure, so too is human integrity and evolution of the human experience and mind.

Those who are afraid to acknowledge and prefer to stay comfortable and safe will never experience the rose garden on a continual permanent basis even though deep inside they know that is what they want, the amount of fear and pain that could be associated with perhaps not deserving the opportunity to cultivate it and watch it grow is too great.

You know these people, they are all around… some of these people even justify these thoughts with lifelong traditional beliefs that have stayed in the family for generations! Does this sound like anyone you know? That’s my point. For how long are antiquated beliefs of others going to be part of your life now? For how long is the fear and pain of others’ success going to stop you from what you really want to do?

Why is it that people like to wait before they do something for themselves?

Oh yes waiting is a highly stressful situation. Have you ever been kept waiting in a bank, on the phone and put on hold to a recorded message and then transferred and put on hold again? Have you ever had to wait for some decent service? Have you ever had to wait to get your bills fixed or amended? And we all talk about it. Heck there are even current affair programs about this stuff about the decent person, you know….. who had to wait. It is so frustrating. How about waiting in a road queue?

We HATE waiting. Yet why do we feel it’s ok to wait before we do something for ourselves?

Oh I’ll do this now and I’ll do that later
I’m too old, I can’t do that now
So you’re 65 and then what?
I’m a mum, I can’t do that now
I’m a female, I can’t do that now

Why are we willing to wait?

It’s the fear, the fear of stepping out of our comfort zone.

Cause the wonderful thing is we know there are other levels of comfort, oh yeah, the politicians and the brokers and investors and the Mercedes driven egotistical maniacs… why do we begrudge these people for having the confidence and strength to do what they said they were going to do? Why do we begrudge people for having a goal and plan for their life?

What are we afraid of? Dare to ask yourself… or are you afraid of the answers?

Usually if something feels uncomfortable for us to do, it is usually in the realm of something foreign or unknown.. This is when the massive insidious self destructive thoughts begin to penetrate and grow…. The raising of the bar; the raising of our comfort zone… not the average “comfort” zone where the rest of the population settles to be, but the desire for your inner self to raise the bar to allow you to choose to where you need to be? That is the question. Do you dare to acknowledge the answers?