Alright – we have dispensed (almost) with the crap, but I had this need (actually a deep, intense, undeniable compulsion) to write something, and will do so in the method of the old editorial dream-man who subscribed (really he was the inventor of this style of writing) to the “write it once, and write it right” maxim, Walt Novak.

Having finished the book “Dreams of the Magus”, I find myself restless and full of ideas for a second book. Small notebooks keep coming off and being put back on my bookshelf as I write notes, insights, facts gathered by research, and general inanity, if not drivel, into these books. Yes, I still write with a pen and paper.…

It is as if I have nothing better to do with my time – it is a writer’s lifestyle. But, don’t let it fool ya’. It makes no money, while I spend a lot of it. Of course, I am not doing what I do for money, and if it comes as a sort of reward, it is not the money that is important, it is the fact that when you make money, you are given tangible proof that you are appreciated for your work.

Not that this is a goal, either, but just another result of doing something you love, and if you do this, there is no doubt you are fulfilling your purpose, even if it can seem to be a curse.

So, you might ask, why would I choose to be a writer? Well, as I began – it is because I must write. That’s it – nothing else. There is nothing romantic about it – it is what I have chosen to do.

To elaborate, could it be Metaphysical law? Probably. Spiritual fulfillment? Most definitely. Because it makes me happy? A resounding YES (followed by resounding applause)!

Soooo, what better things could I be doing with my time. Well, I could continue on my job of building a 1600 sq. ft. house with $40,000 as a budget, but it has been oh, so cold. I could try some activity that actually makes me some money (since I am so good at spending it), like a “real” job. I could pay more attention to my wife, my pets and my few friends that a reclusive writers lifestyle provides. Maybe spend more time flushing out my sinuses? Could the list continue? Probably not.…

We all have to seek our bliss, our purpose and our balance in life, and in this, no one activity could ever prove itself to be better than another.

So I’ve done it, no spell/grammar check. No corrections, no editing, no second-guessing. I hope I’ve done old Walt proud.