People talk about manifesting the things you want in life. Manifestation, the idea that you can bring all your dreams and desires into reality, is a popular concept in today’s world. It is a term frequently used but commonly misinterpreted. There is a lot more to manifesting your dreams then just thinking about them or working towards them. Of course, your thoughts and actions are incredibly important and indispensable to achieving your goals but there is one significant ingredient many unconsciously ignore and it is: belief.

It may be obvious to some that belief is a necessary requirement for manifesting all our deepest desires. But for others, it is overlooked a lot of the time. We engage in all the positive activities and habits we are guaranteed will manifest our dreams, yet we are disappointed and dejected when we achieve little result. Why has nothing happened, we ask? We did everything we have been encouraged to do; like building a vision board, repeating uplifting affirmations, thinking positive thoughts, meditating and putting in the hard work. Where are we going wrong? What does it take to make manifest our dreams?

A strong sense of belief is essential in achieving anything in life. Without belief, vision boards are just boards with pictures on them and affirmations are the repetition of a bunch of meaningless words. If we do not believe what we most desire is possible, we may end up blocking its way into our lives. By doubting, we may be doing more damage than good.

It becomes our goal to bridge the gap between the two realms; the first realm, where all exists and is our experience and the second, where all exists but waits to be brought forth. To make manifest our dreams, we need to work towards developing an unshakeable belief in ourselves. We need to believe nothing is impossible and the goals we have, whatever they may be, are achievable.

Once the switch in thinking happens and we start to believe in ourselves, we become unstoppable. We are not afraid to try new things or pursue old dreams because we are sure our objectives will be reached. We are no longer held back by doubt or worry; there is a certainty all things will come to fruition eventually. By believing so, we encourage it into existence.

The discouraging aspect is the time it takes. People want results and they want them yesterday. There are no guarantees where time is concerned; you might still be waiting to achieve a goal you’ve had for over ten years. Some people give up and decide it’s not worth it. It’s an entirely individual choice and it is up to you to decide what works and what doesn’t. The thing is you never know when something will manifest in your life, even when you’ve been waiting for ages, so if you relinquish all hope, you might end up regretting your decision.

Manifestation brings a magical quality with it. When you finally reach your dreams and are living the life you’ve always wanted, it feels surreal, almost like it isn’t really happening. It’s like watching a magic show and witnessing a caped magician pull a rabbit from a hat; you see the act unfolding and although you’re dumbfounded, you still believe. What appears to be impossible is in truth, very possible.

We are all capable of manifesting a little magic in our lives. If we pay attention to our dreams and apply a steady amount of unwavering belief in achieving them, coupled with patience and good humour, we too can bring forth the kind of life we’ve always wanted to live and be the type of person we’ve always wanted to be.