When we are in fear we literally seize up and like the rat on the treadmill we keep running along the same route faster and faster until we are worn out. As the financial crisis has unveiled itself our media and political leaders are talking us into a recession that we have to have and we, the unsuspecting and ill informed, appear to be accepting it hook line and sinker.

We do have a choice. This drama that is opening up in front of us is an opportunity to look at our attitudes to money, success, greed, wealth and poverty and start to review and revise these. Our actions are driven by our emotions and our emotions are driven by our thoughts therefore our world changes only when we change our thoughts or beliefs.

Here is an exercise that you may wish to do to see just where you sit in regards to fear and money.

What beliefs do you have around money that you are keeping alive with your fear?

Are the beliefs yours or have you inherited them from your family, nationality or world consciousness?

Make a list of them and then take a red pen and put a line through the ones you no longer wish to believe or keep.

Use another coloured pen and write down a new set of beliefs.

Say them aloud.

Acknowledge them. Ownership is a positive response to negativity.

Now look at the world again. Can you see that in the process of completing this exercise your response to the world events has changed?

Your job is not to change others points of view only to keep yours in complete integrity with you.

Ultimately the more we individually change our thoughts the more we collectively change the world. Watching these world events without the attachment of our beliefs means viewing all of what is happening with peace.

Being at peace means we are capable of a sense of compassion or love and fear exists not when we feel peace and love with all.