Blame – what good does it do you? You value it like a rare and glittering prize, and yet you slop it around indiscriminately in your little world like it has value to everyone, but it is actually the refuse and pollution of your own little existence. I know this sounds a little harsh, but some things must be said without mincing words.

You spew blame out of your mouth like a baby spews out food it doesn’t want and vomits that which remains, but you accept it like a profound truth. Nevertheless, blame is vomit, for it comes from within you and is expelled quite easily, even violently. What do you learn from this – how does blame better your life? Think about this – who will clean up the mess you create around you and who will wipe the mess off your face?

You are responsible for all that you think and feel, say and direct – all your responses and reactions to both your inner and outer worlds can be possessed by one hand only, and that hand is yours. You cannot give these things to others in an attempt to be released from them. Thankfully, what cannot be given away can still be released.

Let’s quickly examine this phenomena of blame and begin.

The most peculiar thing is that while you live in a paradigm of blame and pain, you have no clue that it is a deceitful way to live – deceitful to both you and others. Blame is a lie we tell ourselves, and we believe it so deeply we see nothing wrong with it. It is as if it is a universal law required for human survival.

We think blame is normal and natural, but nothing could be further from the truth. IT IS A LIE that can only lessen you – not empower you. You will never know you have another choice until you give this up – until you give up the blame game. However, it seems the human cannot let anything go unless its replacement is within immediate reach.

In our transitional times, humanity is a stumbling adolescent who is focussed on the pain that its baby teeth are being pushed out by some unknown and bizarre force – its new teeth, its adult teeth. These are the teeth that will take you into the future. There is nothing for you to do but let go of your baby teeth and know they will be replaced with something better, something stronger. Your baby teeth are the teeth of blame, of infancy, of immaturity, but they must come out. They will be replaced by something more suited to the job.

Let me finish with this:

Until you begin a life of self-examination, you will never know how far you have taken your childish games, and how empowered you can really be.

I’m just a little baby
You’re lucky to have me
I’m cute and sweet as candy
As charming as a fable
I’m innocent and disabled
So hug me and kiss me
Then wipe my butt and piss me
I hope you never leave
Cuz who would hear me scream?
Nobody understands
Except the toys in my hands…

Faith No More – Zombie Eaters