As I started the first of my articles for Karmic Ecology, in what I hope is a great creative and prosperous partnership for all involved, I was confronted with these questions – Why am I writing these articles? What do I hope to achieve? What, if any impact, am I expecting to have on the readers of Karmic Ecology?

These questions stopped me in my tracks.

I knew I wanted to write for Karmic Ecology once I’d had a look at what they were about and where they wanted to go.

A writer, after all, loves to write and see their writing in a publication of some kind. It’s an outward sign that we have managed to arrange our thoughts in comprehensible language and that others can see where our thoughts are going, but other than that I had not given much thought to these questions.

As I sat musing on them I also realised how ‘me-centred’ they were – what about the reader, I thought? Why do they read? What are they expecting from the exchange? Information, entertainment, a spiritual epiphany, or just something to distract them from their daily woes?

I again have to be ‘me focused’ and say that firstly I am a reader and then a writer. As a reader I read books that entertain, inform or enlighten me. Books are not a distraction, they are an absolute pleasure. I scan the internet for information for my work and I read e-zines for more detailed and current information on topics that interest me. But the information itself is of no use to me unless it can be assimilated or acts as my protagonist to deeper thinking and understanding.

And with that last sentence I have the answer as to why I am writing these articles for Karmic Ecology.

I am not an expert on anything other than my own life, own wisdoms and my own personal knowledge. I write to share my point of view with you, not to have you believe what I do, but to probe you to think deeper and gain greater understanding for yourself about the world.

My reasoning is very simple. I believe that if each of us believed one hundred percent in the truth of ourselves and our divine right to be exactly as we are in the world then we would grow in harmony and the world would be more peaceful and fruitful for us, and this is my devout wish for every human being and the planet. Peace, harmony and joy.

Each of us takes a journey through life, some of us actively and passionately pursue the spiritual pathway, others act in the world apparently oblivious to it, yet we are all here together and therefore whether the act is conscious or not we are acknowledging ourselves as spirit being in matter.

So having taken the time to think about why I am embarking on this project and having verbalised my lofty aspirations for my input and expectations of how you will receive it! Let’s see if I can achieve that with you, dear reader, shall we?