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Browse the Karmic Ecology METAPHYSICS section for articles on how to balance karma through metaphysics. Stop procrastinating and read more about metaphysics now.


Fractal Time 2012

Check out this interesting video on Fractal time and how it relates to 2012 - featuring Gregg Braden. Gregg breaks it down so anyone can understand. Enjoy!
Valid psychic hints

Valid psychic hints

The Psychic Reading Handbook was devised to provide valid psychic hints so you'll be able to choose the right psychic for your next reading.
Medical Astrology

Medical astrology

Hippocrates (460-357 BC), the father of medicine, maintained - A physician without the knowledge of astrology can not rightly call himself a physician.
Psychic Reading

Maximise psychic advice

Often people seeking psychic advice are vulnerable because they believe they do not have the information to make meaningful decisions.

Anatomy of the Aura

Anatomy of the aura details the seven layers and explains how each can be interpreted to give an overall diagnosis of the individual.
Magnetic Attaction

Matter of energy

So, you're looking at your daily horoscope. Scanning the page for your star sign, no doubt trying to get a few tips about about how to face the day.

How to see auras

Been wondering if anyone can learn how to see auras? Anyone with vision can do it. Follow these easy steps and you'll be seeing auras in no time.