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Browse the Karmic Ecology METAPHYSICS section for articles on how to balance karma through metaphysics. Stop procrastinating and read more about metaphysics now.


The Spiritual Journey

Bruce Way writes about the spiritual journey, the value of psychic readings, the intuitive process, spiritual healing, Reiki, clairvoyants and psychics.

Fractal Time 2012

Check out this interesting video on Fractal time and how it relates to 2012 - featuring Gregg Braden. Gregg breaks it down so anyone can understand. Enjoy!

Choices create our future

Other than our own karma we take nothing with us at the moment of death. Choices create our future so begin to refine it now.
Magnetic Attaction

Matter of energy

So, you're looking at your daily horoscope. Scanning the page for your star sign, no doubt trying to get a few tips about about how to face the day.
Psychedelic Meditation

Pineal gland activation

Pineal gland activation is crucial to awakening spiritually and becoming a more enlightened being. Here's a guide to opening your 3rd eye
Astrology Signs

Horoscope February 2016

We are just entering the year of the wood horse. Venus has gone direct and Mercury goes retrograde 6 - 28 Feb. Your monthly horoscope for February...
Valid psychic hints

Valid psychic hints

The Psychic Reading Handbook was devised to provide valid psychic hints so you'll be able to choose the right psychic for your next reading.