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Spirit Metaphysics


Browse the Karmic Ecology METAPHYSICS section for articles on how to balance karma through metaphysics. Stop procrastinating and read more about metaphysics now.

Psychic Reading

Maximise psychic advice

Often people seeking psychic advice are vulnerable because they believe they do not have the information to make meaningful decisions.
Medical Astrology

Medical astrology

Hippocrates (460-357 BC), the father of medicine, maintained - A physician without the knowledge of astrology can not rightly call himself a physician.
Astrology Signs

Horoscope February 2016

We are just entering the year of the wood horse. Venus has gone direct and Mercury goes retrograde 6 - 28 Feb. Your monthly horoscope for February...
Flower of Life

Sacred Geometry Overview

Sacred geometry is a universal language which describes the inner workings of nature and the universe. This overview is a good place to start for beginners.

The Spiritual Journey

Bruce Way writes about the spiritual journey, the value of psychic readings, the intuitive process, spiritual healing, Reiki, clairvoyants and psychics.
Magnetic Attaction

Matter of energy

So, you're looking at your daily horoscope. Scanning the page for your star sign, no doubt trying to get a few tips about about how to face the day.

Choices create our future

Other than our own karma we take nothing with us at the moment of death. Choices create our future so begin to refine it now.