So, you’re looking at your daily horoscope. Scanning the page for your star (sun) sign, no doubt there’ll be some kind of riddle about how to face some crisis the day is about to present. It says it right there, so it must be true… right? So you start thinking about what that could possibly be. You’ll see them going on about planets and constellations moving through some house number, and by this time you’re thinking “How does this apply to MY life right NOW? This is a load of crap!” (But there’ll be other times it appears spot on.) By this time, you’ve moved on to the next page and forgotten about the whole thing. But you’re a glutton for punishment; and as a result, will be back tomorrow to try and work it all out again!

The problem here is astrologers don’t tell you what affect the moon, your ascendant sign and all the other planets in between, is having on you.

At the time of your birth the sun, moon and the planets were at an exact position. The overall positioning of these celestial masses represents a specific vibration. This vibration resonates with you as you carry it through life, and can be plotted on a chart to illustrate talents, behaviours, psychology, and can even give you an idea of your most suitable partner. Astrologers call this a natal chart.

Astrology is a finite science. Essentially, there exists a duality (in our 3rd dimensional physical form) with the sun relating to male/ego (father), and lunar to female/intuition (mother). All the planets in between relate to an energy gradient where either male or female dominate the shades of grey. In their natural orbit the planets move around us – past earth and back (return) around it.

As these energies travel around us, our attention becomes focussed on the energy the particular transit represents.

(Have a look at for more info on planets and astrology in general. I reckon it’s the best site of its kind on the net.)

So, there is this matter of energy – metaphysically speaking. How we interact with that energy is the result of a mixture of natal vibration and our current frequency, or life experience.

OK, here’s where it gets interesting..

As it is with the planets, we have our own signature resonance. Suspended around us is an electromagnetic field. This energy field surrounding us is our life force. It vibrates in varying densities, and can be broken down into discernable layers. By understanding the meaning of these layers, we begin to understand more fully our multi-dimensional self.

This energy field is known as an aura. It is subconsciously perceived by all those we interact with. I’ll cover the aura in more detail at a later time, but there are seven basic layers representing our multi-dimensional self.

***Etheric body

***Emotional body

***Mental body

***Astral body

***Etheric Template

***Celestial body 

***Causal body

Judith Collins, a renowned authority on auras, said something along the lines of – The aura is a walking talking advertisement illustrating who we are¦ the sum total of our thoughts and actions. By changing our thoughts and actions we can change our advertisement. What that is depends on you. If you don’t like what you’re advertising you can change it – but how?

Basically, our physical actions affect our mental (and vice versa), and in turn our energies change. Understanding the vibration of these thoughts and actions will allow you to consciously change the resonance of your aura so that you can transform yourself into who you want to be (for better or worse). You will attract people resonating to a similar vibration. We do this already through our subconscious.

By being able to define these actions, and subsequent vibrations, it’s possible to tune yourself to the frequency you want to resonate to and attract the people you want in your life. It’s also possible to understand what it takes to be an actual self (true self) and define the facade we all seem to represent ourselves as being in day to day life. From there we can choose consciously which parts don’t fit anymore and change them to form the vibration we want.

What we do from a physical perspective ripples through our energy field and ultimately throughout the universe. The way we respond ripples back through to the physical and outward again. Luckily our soul is out there in the finer vibrations assisting us to make the decision that will best enable us to evolve. That’s intuition and you can read all about it here on Karmic Ecology.