As we progress through life from new-born/infant/child, and adolescent through to adult, we are being continuously affected by transitory energy each and every moment of our lives. The sum total of these ever changing transits has a huge bearing on who we are now as we take on each vibration into our own energy field. This field of electromagnetic energy is generally known as the Aura. As with our physical being there is an anatomy of the aura which gives greater insight into who we are from a metaphysical perspective.

Now here’s the thing – the aura is a walking, talking ad for who we are! And if you don’t like what you are advertising you CAN change the ad.

Given everyone on this planet (yes, all living things) has an aura, and we are constantly interacting with each other, it makes sense we are able to consciously or subconsciously perceive this energy. How many have you heard someone say – “I have a feeling about him/her” (is it just me, or do I hear that all the time)? Now I just smile because that person has simply perceived the energy field of another’s vibration and acted according to theirs. People refer to this feeling as intuition (there’s that word again). But here’s where it gets better..

Anatomy of the Aura – the seven layers

We can actually work out what the energy means. We can even see it if we allow ourselves to. Essentially the aura is made up of seven known layers, which are as follows:

Etheric Body

The 1st (or physical) layer usually appears as a light blue or colourless silhouette around our physical body. It sits around five to seven centimetres from our surface and is the easiest layer to see. Illness appears in the etheric body before it enters our flesh and blood, so it makes sense that the dis-eased energy can be redirected (even diluted) before one feels the physical manifestation of sickness.

Emotional Body

The 2nd layer is where the colour really begins to become evident. Imagine soft clouds of translucent colours in varying shades suspended around the body around 10-15 cms above the body surface. Colour can change from moment to moment as it continuously swirls within the layer. As the ’emotional’ reference suggests this layer is all about our psychological state. Again this energy can be redirected and replaced with more a more desirable vibration if needed.

Let’s stop there and touch on colour for a moment. As it is with sound, colour is simply a representation of energy vibrating at varying densities. Our aura, although resonating to a single vibration, is the sum of many densities. That’s why there are so many different colours and shading in the aura – we are quite complicated beings after all.

Mental Body

The 3rd layer appears yellow in colour to the eye and has a shell-like shape, which exists about 20-25 cms from the body. This is where the whole “thought creates reality” aspect of our self presides. Look at your thought patterns. Think about the thoughts you experience – then feel the emotions you attach to these thoughts. The mental body is where blockages are kept, and governs the subconscious.

Astral Body

The 4th layer is another one composed of multi-coloured clouds. The clouds in these coloured areas begin to become much finer. The frequencies are really starting to become a lot higher and take more practice to see. The astral layer is around 30-35 cms from the body. You essentially know what’s right for you, and although you may not always choose the ‘right’ path, it’s your astral layer (the higher mind) assisting you – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Etheric Template

The 5th layer displays a deep blue radiance. It’s shaped like an eggshell, and is around half a metre beyond the body’. This is the layer Reiki and other types of healers work with when dealing with physical disease.

Celestial Body

The 6th layer, (sometimes referred to as the cosmic) is a multicoloured array of soft, streaks of light coming out from the centre of the body going in all directions. Here’s where intuition lives!

Causal Body

The 7th layer is a fine, transparent eggshell, with a soft golden light. This layer is around one metre from the body, and represents understanding all that is. This is the layer that wakes us from the stupor.

Learn how to see auras

Now you know the basic anatomy of the aura, you’re now armed to learn how to see auras step-by-step.

The key point to leave with you is – we have the ability to change our vibration whenever we want. All we have to do is rid ourselves of unwanted thought patterns and reprogram with new ones. So instead of thinking life sucks (I’m not saying you do), try this affirmation…

As it is with all life forms,
I am a living, breathing field of energy
Creating here, creating now
I am becoming more perceptive to the people around me,
As I empower my life, and empower my world.