Yes, learning how to see auras is possible. Anyone with vision can do it. Even if you are colour-blind you are able to see the various hues and the vibrations they emanate. Viewing the human energy field is a mixture of alpha brain wave function and eye fitness. It doesn’t matter if you wear glasses. What matters is that the rods and the cones become accustomed to see more than merely physical objects.

Learning how to see auras requires us to be in an alpha state. Alpha is a brain wave frequency which most of us experience on a daily basis- relaxed awareness. You may be working on a particular task for a period of time. Once you’ve completed this task chances are you will sit down and relax- think ‘chill out time’. This is the state of being in alpha. Enjoying a walk through a beautiful garden, and you could be in alpha. A state or reflection, or meditation and alpha is where your consciousness is.

As with anything you will need to exercise in order to learn how to see auras. In this case, exercising the rods and cones in your eyes. Ted Andrews, author of – “How to see auras in 60 Seconds’, writes:

” you only use about 15 to 20 percent of the cones and rods within your eyes, so it is no wonder that most of us do not detect the subtle light energy of the aura.”

Essentially, your eye movement needs to be quick enough so it can catch the fleeting image of energy and strong enough so that you can hold this movement to gaze the aura. Follow this quick exercise and you’ll be on your way to learning how to see auras.

Here’s an optical illusion where the contents of the image appear to be in motion (click on the image to enlarge).

Learn how to see auras with this optical illusion
Learn how to see auras with this optical illusion

Your eyes are of course lying! Your challenge is to see the image as being still. You can achieve this through a mixture of breathing and sight.

Achieving the alpha state

Step 1: Bring the image up on your screen
Step 2: Close your eyes and take three deep breaths
Step 3: Feel the breathing ease into a comfortable state
Step 4: Push the breath down so that you feel yourself breathing from your Diaphragm.
Step 5: Maintain that pattern
Step 6: Open your eyes and look at the image (maintain breath)
Step 7: Gaze at the image until it stops moving

Congratulations! You are in an alpha state and have begun to condition your eyes how to see auras.

How to see auras by steps

Step 1:
If you have a light with a dimmer switch in your room that’s great. Now get three coloured A4 sheets of card (red, blue and green are ideal). The card must be thick enough so it can stand up against something (I find three ‘highball’ glasses side by side is best). Now set one of the pieces of card on a coffee table about 1.5 metres in front of a neutral coloured wall. Position it so the dimmer switch is no more than a meter from the vision of the wall you’re looking at (I’ll get to that shortly).

Step 2:
As with the exercise we did initially, sitting comfortably about a metre from the card, close your eyes and relax. Get the abdominal breathing going until you feel that calm alpha-state. Now, open your eyes and focus your attention on the card. Look at the book but don’t focus your stare. Allow the rods and cones to do their thing. Glance around the edges of the card. Gradually, you begin seeing the complimentary colour of the card.

If red, you will see cyan (pale sky blue) hue. If blue, you will see a yellow hue. If green, you will see a magenta (pinkish) hue

What you are seeing in the exercises you have just done is not an aura but the complimentary colour as a hue around the actual colour. The thing to take out of this exercise is that your eyes are getting used to seeing colours suspended around objects. If you can’t see it yet just close your eyes and you’ll see it in your minds eye. It’ll show you’re on the right track to learning how to see auras.

Step 3:
At this stage I recommend you have a like-minded partner to share the experience and take turns getting used to it. Give each other feedback and generally talk about the experience
You’ll probably find yourself blinking while getting use to the eye action. Just allow yourself to. You will lose the vision when you blink but it can be regained just as fast.

[IMPORTANT: Don’t beat yourself up about it if you don’t get it right the first time… and don’t try too hard. Just be patient and have faith you will get over any initial frustration. The trick (like everything) is to concentrate on the task. You know what you have to do- so just do it!]

Step 4:
This is when your partner will come in handy…

Have your partner at the ready with the cards. Get yourself into alpha, then have your partner place one of the cards in front of you. After a minute the cards are swapped, then swapped again. Then two cards at once. Go wild –¬†experiment! Then swap. Share your experiences afterward.

Step 5:
Now clear the coffee table away from the area. Have your partner sit in the place of the coffee table. The ‘viewee’ takes one of the cards and positions it in front of the body. In the alpha state you will see the corresponding hue once more. The card is then moved around various positions around the body. Work outwards with the card so it extends beyond the body. Maintain the visual of the hue as much as you can

Step 6:
Repeat the above with each of the shades. Then play with multiple colours.

Again, what you are seeing in the exercise is not an aura but the complimentary colour as a hue around the actual colour. The thing to take out of this exercise is that your eyes are acclimating- getting used to seeing colours suspended around the body this time

Step 7:
OK. Once you feel you’ve mastered this let your partner know (still maintaining your gaze). On that your partner discards the coloured sheets reaches over to the dimmer switch and slowly reduces the light

Then BINGO! You will see the colours of the aura just appear, almost popping out. You will know it’s not a residual effect of the card because there will be all these different vibrations present in your view as well. You’ll know when you see it and realize you’ve just learnt how to see auras.

Keep practicing and ENJOY!