A man died and appeared at the gates of heaven. To his surprise there was a sign welcoming his arrival. The man, a business executive in his former life, felt quite at home once he saw the greeting sign. ‘This place is just like a business convention at the Grand Hyatt,’ he thought.

He walked up to the reception desk realizing as he did that he had no luggage to check in. The girl at the desk reached below the counter and passed him two suitcases. ‘I believe everything you will need is in here,’ she said and smiled. Then she handed him his room key. ‘But you haven’t taken my details.’ ‘Oh, your particulars were faxed to us,’ she replied.

He went to his room. The door was open, the bed turned down, and there on the writing desk was a folder full of closely printed information. It was his entire life and also a section telling him about his future life. Awestruck he turned to the hotel manager who was standing at the door and exclaimed, ‘God! You must be psychic!’

The man smiled at him just before he awoke. Phew! It was all a dream. He rolled over, looked at the bedside clock and started. He had overslept. ‘Hell!’ he thought, ‘I’ll be late for my psychic reading.’

Today, people selling psychic services are popping up like wildflowers in the desert after spring rains. In years gone by it was difficult to find a psychic. Now the challenge is to find the appropriate psychic in the sea of available practitioners. A colleague, with more than twenty years’ experience, expresses today’s dilemma this way, ‘When I began working as a psychic I complained to my mother that society didn’t accept the benefits of psychic advice. My mother replied that the problem in twenty years would not be acceptance of the information, instead, the problem would be to determine which information was psychic or not.’ My friend’s mother certainly knew something that, back then, most did not.

Often people seeking psychic advice are vulnerable because they believe they do not have the appropriate information available to make meaningful decisions. Perhaps they want others to make decisions for them.

Consulting a psychic is no different from seeking financial advice from an accountant, legal advice from a solicitor, or advice on physical fitness from a sports coach. Choosing a psychic and knowing how to evaluate and use the information given to you is the same as consulting any other professional.

Everyone is psychic. We make decisions daily. Some come true and others we forget. We humans seem to have an innate desire to know about the future before we get there. Businesses expect their sales managers to predict future company sales. Sporting commentators and punters continually try to predict winners. And think how many psychic friends a pregnant woman has!

The difference between any professional and the pretender is that the professional has mastered his or her craft through years of training coupled with experience. It takes learning, experience and more learning to become a competent psychic practitioner. To choose an effective psychic and accurately interpret the reading, we need to understand the purpose and value of a psychic reading and the techniques used.

Always remember that psychic advice is only one of the information options available to us. My column in Karmic Ecology will run through a series of rules that will help you interpret any psychic reading that you have and sometimes will convince you to do it yourself. How to Interpret a Psychic Reading is the product of assessing responses from my clients and students, and springs from my desire to reinforce the credibility of genuine psychics.

If this column offends some then it is regrettable but we can no longer afford the luxury of allowing misinformation to take us away from our destiny. Always remember that you are responsible for every facet of your life and that your power resides in your ability to make choices.

Before you commit to any psychic for a reading first go into your heart, allow yourself to listen to your intuition and visualize your life how you want it to be. Remember that psychics are here for you as a resource to use. They are here to help you if you know how to interpret their messages.